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Marina Carrère d'Encausse

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Marina Carrère d'Encausse, who co-presents with Michel Cymes the programs Le Magazine de la Santé and Allô Docteurs on France 5, opens the doors to her brand new Paris apartment. Interview of a maniac books that has optimized the space at home by not missing any tips.

It's been a year since Marina Carrère d'Encausse chose to settle in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. This new apartment, which she entirely decorated, was an opportunity to renew some of her furniture and dare to color! She especially cracked for a red sofa she marries with touches of gray.

If she succeeded, as in her previous interiors, to create a warm atmosphere, it is in the setting of her bedroom-office that she likes to spend most of her time. Confidences and tips.

Your favorite room where you like to be and spend time?

Marina Carrère d'Encausse: My bedroom. It has always been my favorite piece because I feel protected, like in a cocoon. I spend a lot of time working, reading, watching TV, listening to music ... I decorated it in white and gray with objects that I hold, mainly memories gleaned during travels and meetings, not to mention the orthodox icon I had when I was born. There are obviously all the latest books and the press. As I hate getting up early, I take breakfast in bed listening to the news. This is my true happiness.

Your furniture: rather modern, ultra design, family, pitcher?

Marina Carrère d'Encausse: I never buy from antiques because I do not know anything about it. I prefer contemporary furniture that I like to mix with ethnic objects brought back from my travels. To optimize the space, I opted for a console table that unfolds when I make dinners.

The most unusual or unexpected that can be discovered at home?

Marina Carrère d'Encausse: What strikes my friends or those who know me well is that they find in all my different interiors, the same atmosphere cocoon.

An object or piece of furniture that you could not separate?

Marina Carrère d'Encausse: My Mi (diminutive Michka), the teddy bear of my birth that has never left me since my childhood, in all my moves! All peeled, he has no eyes, no nose! He was even enthroned during an exhibition that brought together the fluff of the birth of personalities.

The little bear of his childhood ...

Marina Carrère d'Encausse

Your favorite color in your home?

Marina Carrère d'Encausse: The red is a color both very cheerful and bright. And then the gray. In my living room, in addition to the sofa, I had red cushions on the armchairs. I also bought collages made by one of my friends where the red enhances and makes reminders.

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Marina Carrère d'Encausse

The kitchen, rather open or closed?

Marina Carrère d'Encausse: I liked this apartment for its unevenness, its nooks and especially the opening of the kitchen on the living room. It is black, pretty design with windows that give just on the stay. This gives it a very New York side. As it is not very big, I did develop a bar that gives a good perspective.

Kitchen open to the living room

Marina Carrère d'Encausse

When I cook, it's important that I can see my guests. I install them around the large console table that I unfold easily. Despite the sleek style, I have a passion for small kitchen items that tend to accumulate very quickly!

A dish unexpectedly on the go for your friends? Your specialty?

Marina Carrère d'Encausse: A tajine. This recipe is ideal because it gives free rein to the imagination and the variations according to the ingredients that we have at hand. I always have a little chicken, fish or veal, in other words a piece of meat that will allow me to prepare a tagine in my own way, at the last minute, with potatoes. I especially have all kinds of spices. If I prepare it the day before, it will necessarily be more elaborate.

And the TV, which room?

Marina Carrère d'Encausse: In the bedroom. I have a small TV to watch the news and for movies and series, I adopted the computer or the tablet.

Do you live with music or rather in silence?

Marina Carrère d'Encausse: In music. I have different media on which I stored my music: classic. I am equipped with speakers in almost all rooms, even in the bathroom!

Rather candle or rather perfume of atmosphere?

Marina Carrère d'Encausse: I have an old potpourri that I love that comes from Florence (Santa Maria Novella): it smells super good. I also gladly burn scented candles in the living room.

Curtains, doors, shutters? What does it inspire you?

Marina Carrère d'Encausse: It is because it has few doors, no shutters and large doors that I chose this apartment. Through the light curtains, I like to observe the movements of light. It gives me a sense of security.

What is on your bedside table?

Marina Carrère d'Encausse: There are piles of books, my computer, an Ipad, all the necessary girls (nail files, tubes of cream, drugs), the glass of water of the night ...

Do you dream of one more room?

Marina Carrère d'Encausse: I would dream to have a room to install my office.

What place for books?

Marina Carrère d'Encausse: I am a book maniac! In fact, my first project when I arrived was to build a huge library to store a maximum. There is a section devoted to polars, another for literature.

With my three children, I gave up all alphabetical rankings. When I'm at home, I read only for my pleasure so the health books stay in the office! I like them horny and when they have lived well. If I lend them and give them willingly, I keep the classics and novels to reread them.

Rather orderly or messy?

Marina Carrère d'Encausse:Naturally messy, but I'm storing! As I do not have a big apartment, I sort regularly in my little trash.

Your storage tips?

Marina Carrère d'Encausse: I use all the possibilities to optimize the space. I have a dual-purpose ottoman, a Japanese bed with drawers that is very convenient for running winter and summer business, especially when you do not have a cellar. I also put a lot in boxes that I stack without necessarily sorting. To distinguish shoes, I have two closets: one for those with heels, another for the plates. Luckily, the office lodge serves me as an annex for clothes!

Are you green plants, flowers, balcony, terrace, garden?

Marina Carrère d'Encausse: The only plant I had last year was the Christmas tree! In my previous apartment, I had a lot and I loved it. But since I moved into this one, I have not had time to take care of the balconies. Since I have a country house, I feel less need.

Your addresses or favorite brands for the home (shopping, decoration, florist, etc.)?

Marina Carrère d'Encausse: I like to panache: I can buy as well at Maison de Famille, Ikea and sometimes at Conran Shop. When I walk in Paris, I draw ideas. Often, I spot things too expensive that I will find at prices more accessible in other shops. I have never put a lot of money into the furniture, I prefer to accessorize with pretty cushions from Madura, transform simple things with beautiful fabrics ...

The news of Marina Carrère d'Encausse:

- "An injured woman" at Anne Carrière (October 2014): in this first novel, Marina Carrère d'Encausse tells the story of a young Iraqi woman in the Kurdistan region who gives birth to an illegitimate child and becomes the victim of a crime of honor masked in domestic accident.

A wounded woman, the first novel by Marina Carrère d'Encausse

Editions Anne Carrère

- On France 5: she presents every Tuesday evening Le Monde en Face; co-producer and co-presenter with Michel Cymes from Health Magazine and Allo Doctors.