Stéphane Parmentier: false simplicity and silent luxury


Stéphane Parmentier, designer, interior designer and artistic director of Maison Christople

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In his own creations as for his work as artistic director of the house Christofle, the designer-interior designer favors silent luxury.

Your favorite hotel?

Stéphane Parmentier: Tawaraya Ryokan in Kyoto, a lunar experience from beginning to end.

Your professional dream?

Stéphane Parmentier: make a plane or a hotel, whether it has 3 or 200 rooms. And any project in which I can exceed the specifications.

What inspires you?

Stéphane Parmentier: contemporary art above all. Some works create a disturbance in my neurons and allow me to see things from another angle. The gestures of people also inspires me a lot in the creation of objects. It is important for me to feel good with the people I work with. I do not like sailing in troubled waters.

What is essential for you in a hotel?

Stéphane Parmentier: the interior journey, the bedding, the place in the shower, the towel at hand, no copy.

The Christofle Corner at Harrods in London

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In a restaurant ?

Stéphane Parmentier: conviviality, cleanliness, good products.

What makes the success of an establishment?

Stéphane Parmentier: authenticity.

The misstep in a hotel and a restaurant?

Stéphane Parmentier: noise, poor soundproofing, imitation, aggression, dirt, a failed lighting.

Your style in four words?

Stéphane Parmentier: false simplicity and silent luxury.

Your color?

Stéphane Parmentier: black. Everything is so much more elegant in black.

Christofle's Pop-up store from Melrose Place in Los Angeles

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The monument that you always enjoy visiting?

Stéphane Parmentier: wherever I go, I like going to museums of contemporary art ... and supermarkets.

The city in which you could live?

Stéphane Parmentier: mine, Paris! But basically, any city with the person I love. I regret, however, that I did not have any youth experience in New York.

A contemporary that you admire?

Stéphane Parmentier: the architect Peter Zumthor. And all those who are devoted to a cause. I am revolted by the excesses of ego.

A competitor that you envy?

Stéphane Parmentier: all those who have more freedom of mind and action than me.

Part separation created for the Wallpaper Handmade Project

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Your definition of elegance?

Stéphane Parmentier: to be honest, generous, to forget oneself, to be attentive. And from a style point of view, I like people who dare, even if it's not completely controlled.

What do you like to convey?

Stéphane Parmentier: I like to transmit. To explain is to go further.

Your projects ?

Stéphane Parmentier: continue to develop eclectic partnerships for Spring. Inaugurate new Christofle stores in Beverly Hills and Shanghai before developing other outlets around the world.

The big events of your career?

Stéphane Parmentier: my years with Karl Lagerfeld. My job at Givenchy for Singapore Airlines. The launch of my own ready-to-wear line in 2000. A Paris pop-up store for Hermès and my collaboration with Christofle.

Stéphane Parmentier

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In the 80s, Stéphane Parmentier worked for Karl Lagerfeld, then with Givenchy in 1990's, where he participated in the design of the first and business classes of Singapore Airlines. In the 2000s, he launched four ready-to-wear collections in his name. From 2010, Stéphane Parmentier launches pop-up stores for Hermès and flagship stores Christofle, where he will be appointed artistic director in May 2013.