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If the household is synonymous with chores for some, it brings joy to others. And you, what is your household profile? Are you rather a meticulous ant, a cicada unimplicated or an overflowing bee?

Household ... Some say it is a necessity, others a question of priorities. Others will hide! Let it be said, cleaning, we have to do it whether we like it or not, whether we have time or not. But everything is about character ... If for the most maniac of us, the finishes must be perfect, some (s) seem to be less demanding (e) s at the sight of some small dust. In any case, the perception that everyone has of the household is very different according to the people and the education that they could have.

To take stock and everyone is positioned on this vast subject, here are several "household profiles" developed by the custom housekeeper Sweethome-services. It's up to you to see what's yours ...

Profile 1: The meticulous ants

We all have in our entourage this person whose interior is impeccable regardless of the date and time when you land or this friend whose you envy the wardrobe irreproachable. Unless you are in this category? If so, you are part of the group of meticulous ants!

More concretely, you are among those for whom a sheep or a dust is an anomaly to disappear as quickly as possible. Housework is an almost daily business that you never go out of your way. Your main qualities? Efficiency and organization! Each gesture must contribute to fulfill your main mission: to eliminate the slightest trace of dirt and keep order! You are often thought paranoid or completely TOCé (e) but for you it is a necessary evil for your daily well-being.

Because, as Dominique Loreau, the author of the book "doing housework at home, it's doing housework", a clean place embellishes the heart and the mind ... For you, every object that is lagging is a visual and mental pollution which helps to undermine your morale. You can not start your day without pulling out your bed or wearing a non-iron garment. Your friends know that they can count on you to tackle all sorts of tasks including those they are desperately trying to remove from their new floor. Extreme cleanliness is your stronghold, as you store and clean your interior, you organize your life and it suits you very well.

Profile 2: The Unemployed Cicadas

You have nothing of a meticulous ant? So, conversely, you may be part of those for whom all this is a great gibberish. You, the disorder is a choice of life. Your bazaar is what reassures you, which brings you a presence in times of loneliness. As Alberto Eiguer says: "Disorder can also be beneficial, a well-tempered disorder allows one to be close to material things, to feel the magical aura they release." To lock them in their closet is to condemn them. forgetfulness, silence, desiccation. "So you are rather unplanned cicadas ... In other words, you do not know anything about the household, it is a chore without equal that you would like to get rid of at any cost. You are often criticized for being messy and many wonder how you find yourself in such a shambles that you answer very naturally that this is an "organized bazaar".

Know nevertheless that there are several types of disordered people as affirms Alberto Eiguer, author of the unconscious of the house enriched by a chapter on "Order and disorder". At first we find the disordered (e) s anguished (e) s "they have difficulty in apprehending the future, so they stack, compile and throw no more". They will make their choice of organization (or not) at the time that suits them best. We also find the egocentric disordered ones who are gnawed by a permanent need to mark their territory whether they are at home or not elsewhere. Finally, we also find the nostalgic disordered ones for whom "to order is to forget, to repress", or to give up certain period (s) of their life.

In short, household chores seem to you an activity much too time consuming to be part of your daily life. After all, there is no man dead to have a cluttered sink or a little limestone on your faucets.

Profile 3: Overflowing Bees

Let's finally hit our last category! You dream of a clean and orderly interior without being able to do anything to achieve it because time is sorely lacking. You are part of the busy bees! Household and its techniques, you know it! Only, between work, children, shopping and all the administrative waste that falls on you, you do not have a minute to devote to household chores.

Extreme cleanliness or extreme disorder: who is right?

You have identified your profile? Well done, but the notion of "it's tidy and it's clean" is very subjective. It's all about personality! But Laurence Einfalt, personal storage and organization and who created the agency Jara, consulting agency and training in personal organization, says straight away: "Disorder is harmful, it tires both literally and sensibly. It is, indeed, tiring to move heaps of objects or papers to get your hands back on what you are looking for.It is difficult to choose his outfit in the morning if the contents of the wardrobe we In short, do not forget that sorting is a real hygiene gesture that will allow you and your family to enjoy a living space and not just a storage space. disorder also isolates us, we no longer dare to receive, we do not invite the comrades of our children, for example. "

In her book titled "cleaning at home is cleaning up," Dominique Loreau claims to have been strongly influenced by Japanese culture. A culture that places a central position on the notion of Zen and inner happiness. The household is an integral part of these concepts among Japanese because it is an activity that allows a kind of self-fulfillment. She also recalls that it is the little things that lead to "great thoughts". Thus, according to Dominique Loreau, the household is a daily activity that leads man to be fulfilled as a civilized being and that allows him to acquire his freedom in the face of constraints.

To know more

Clean at home, clean up by Dominique Loreau, MARABOUT edition, 2011, 224 pages.

The unconscious of the house by Alberto Eiguer, DUNOD edition, 2009, 160 pages.

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