Replace a staircase: the quote



How much does it cost to install a new, perfectly integrated staircase? 12,700 euros in the present case. Here is the quote for a staircase replacement made with a magnifying glass ...

Description of the work to be performed

A couple decides to replace their old wooden staircase with a more contemporary model. This custom made staircase is leaned against a wall 8 m long and a height of 2.50 m. The owners wish that two people can cross without disturbing themselves. The chosen model is therefore wider than the old one and the hopper * a little wider. In the wooden floor, part of the work is to rebuild the joists at the periphery of the hopper. The manufacturer assures only the installation of the staircase, they call upon a carpenter to carry out these works as well as the removal and finishing (painting), an additional cost of 1 200 € TTC.

Company: stair manufacturer and installer
Descriptive Specifications n ° 0096
The client: Mr. and Mrs. Paul André
26, rue d'Hérouville 31000 Toulouse
Toulouse, May 26, 2009
1 / Description
Supply and installation of a model staircase "Metropol"
Support structure in silver gray painted metal
Steps in solid beech stained light walnut
Type I ramp with poles (1) in varnished metal
silver gray and satin stainless steel tubes
Wooden handrail
Stairwell data
Slab thickness: 20 cm
Total height: 270 cm
Minimum dimensions of the hopper: 262 x 105 cm
Breakaway * (2): 192 cm (checked on the 3rd step)
Stair data
Arrival recess *: 259 cm
Starting recess *: 155 cm
Arrival type: under slab
Number of steps (3): 13
Walking height: 19.3 cm
Giron *: 25 cm
Width of the flights: 80 cm
Detail of steps and ramp
- Marche
10 straight steps in wood (70 to 100 cm)
10 structures per right (70 to 100 cm)
1 quarter turn * (4) in wood (70 to 100 cm)
1 quarter turn structure (70 to 100 cm)
- Ramp
10 posts with 4 wires
Handrail: 4 elements of 1 m each
2 / Manpower
Transport + packaging included
Installation included (5)
3 / Amount of work
Total of taxes: 12 106,00 €
VAT 5,5% (6): 665,83 €
Total: € 12,771.83

Delivery : 12 weeks after project confirmation

Payment :- 30% upon order,
- balance on delivery.

Our comments

Choose the right form
Not all forms of stairs are suitable for any configuration. It all depends on the existing hopper and available space. If the hopper is long and narrow, a straight staircase will be preferred. If the floor space is insufficient, we will turn to a quarter-turn staircase. And for a square-shaped available surface, one will choose a two-quarter turn staircase. In any case, it is better to call on a specialist (carpenter, manufacturer of stairs ...) to find the best configuration.

(1) A staircase to standards
A ramp is not only decorative, but above all a safety function. The height must meet specific standards: at least 90 cm along the rise and 100 cm on the bearings. Sign of quality: a ramp must not move. Make sure your posts and fixings are strong and sturdy.

(2) Attention to the head
The escape must never be less than 190 cm at any point on the stairs. An essential precaution to avoid bumping your head.

(3) Easy climb
For the same height, the more steps, the slower the slope. Be aware however that the number of steps a person can climb without fatigue is set at 20. Beyond that, it is necessary to create a landing that will allow rest. Note also: for optimum comfort, the walking height must be between 16 and 20 cm.

(4) A well integrated staircase
When space is lacking, the ideal is to opt for a quarter-turn model. This configuration is recommended for connecting a ground floor to a floor. Indeed, it facilitates the passage of bulky objects (furniture, etc.).

(5) A staircase mounted quickly
A staircase arises quickly. Count 1 day for the simplest versions, 2 for the most sophisticated.

(6) Reduced VAT
For a main house built for more than two years, the replacement of a staircase allows to benefit from a reduced rate VAT, provided to call a professional.


Headache: distance between each step and the ceiling.

Arrival recession: total length of the staircase projected on the ground and which therefore determines its size.

Departure recession: total width of the staircase projected on the ground.

Giron: horizontal distance between two running noses that follow each other, that is to say the space to set foot.

Turning quarter: portion of stairs that allows a change of direction of the stairs.

Sheet produced with the collaboration of Rintal, tel. : 01 47 37 56 01.