Dress up your stairs



Your staircase lacks character or ages badly? Before thinking of replacing it, try to rejuvenate it! Our solutions to make your staircase more secure, more up-to-date, even versatile ...

1. Bring color to your staircase

To give a contemporary touch to your staircase, choose two different colors: one for vertical surfaces, another for horizontal surfaces. For steps, you must choose a special floor paint: it will be more resistant. Some manufacturers offer non-slip paints (V33).

2. Apply waxed concrete

Become a must in decoration, polished concrete can also allow you to rejuvenate your staircase. It can be applied indifferently on concrete steps, tiling and even, under certain conditions, on a wooden staircase.

3. Install a new guardrail

Metamorphosis guaranteed! Choose a "trendy" material such as aluminum or more upscale like stainless steel. Opt for simple lines and make sure that the chosen design offers all the guarantees of safety (height, spacing of the rails, etc.). Some companies offer to do this type of work.

4. Transform the risers into a library

Original solution for storing his books, however, it requires the expertise of a professional. Indeed, we must start by removing the risers (which can weaken the stairs), then create a box at the back of each step. Most often, reinforcements are needed.

5. Install storage under the rampant

Also take the storage option! The installation of shelves and frames (doors) allows transform the space under the stairs into a closet, or even a dressing. Some do-it-yourself stores have custom drawers or cabinets.

6. Customize the risers

Why not glue tiling, mirrors, photos or fabric? But beware of the lack of taste! Coordinate decorations in your home or stairwell.

7. Opt for a new wood trim

Thanks to the "walk on" system, the old staircase is covered with steps and risers made to measure in wood or laminate. This process adapts to almost all forms of stairs and to all materials (wood, metal).

8. Dare the rust finish

When the stairs are metallic, a very fashionable process is to let it rust slightly after sanding. To note: the application of a varnish is then essential to stop the oxidation.

9. Drawers in the steps

Steps and risers can provide additional storage, including turning the risers into drawers. The use of a carpenter is then indispensable. For a complete metamorphosis, the fronts of the drawers can be dressed with a material other than that of the staircase (metal, glass, etc.).

10. Play with light

If your stairs are poorly lit or locked in a cage, why not to consider creating lighting directly in the risers? Built-in LED kits, sold in GSB, are provided for this purpose. Only constraints: it is necessary to drill the risers beforehand and connect the LEDs to the electrical network.