The dahlia: darling easy gardens



For a long time neglected, the dahlia knows a return to grace. Dahlias in pompons, dahlias ruffled, dahlias in mini pots or classic dahlias, it's up to you to choose the dahlias that will liven up your garden ...

How to choose your dahlias?

They are bought as early as possible in season, without waiting for the end of stocks in the garden centers. Prefer large rhizomes (there are sometimes, in sales areas, large clumps, perfect for quickly obtaining beautiful tufts of flowers). There are hundreds of varieties: choose according to the images on the packages (beware of the old photos) and check the heights.

Maintain your dahlias until frost

Before planting them, store them in the cool and in the dark, in a cardboard for example, but not in their plastic bag. It is recommended to water them slightly to start the vegetation. They are planted without worries from mid-May. Install them in a well-spotted soil and enriched with brown gold at a depth of 5 to 10 cm, no more; water copiously. Do not hesitate to disperse Ferramol (organic) to remove the loaches who adore their young leaves.

To make flowering last, the faded flowers are removed and, once or twice a year, brown gold is added. Attention dahlias are greedy in water: it is necessary to water them regularly so that they develop generously.

Do we unfold his dahlias or not?

Experience shows that well-established dahlias spend a very good winter in the ground even when freezing. The stumps can be mulched in case of very strong frost, but it must be done before the thermometer dives. If you choose to dislocate, store the rhizomes in a crate by brushing them without wetting them and, most importantly, noting their varieties ... to reinstall them without error the following spring.

Which dahlias to choose for their garden?

The great classics

Dahlia "Milk Coffee": very high, it can be seen from afar thanks to its huge flowers between light beige and coffee with milk. Beautiful bouquets with sunflowers.
The dahlia "Balthasar": between tyrian rose and violine, delightful with the dahlia "Café au Lait".
The dahlia "Penelope": pale yellow with lilac ends, high and very elegant.
The dahlia "Night Queen": almost black, very close to the variety "pompon".
The dahlia "Avalanche": a beautiful white with flowers very cut.

Mini dahlias, perfect for pots

To be installed in bins, planters or pots on their own or with summer annuals.
"Sahara": Frankish orange with flowers resembling those of the camellia.
"Topmix": does not exceed 35 cm, all simple flowers, exists in multiple colors.
We love : the varieties "Art Nouveau" raspberry red, "Matisse" orange franc, "Renoir" mauve and "Singer" red.

Ruffled dahlias

With cactus flowers or flowers simply ... ruffled, these dahlias are planted with moderation in the middle of other wiser flowers, to appreciate their extravagance.
WE love : dahlias "Summer Night" very dark red, "Park Princess" fresh pink, "Firebird", yellow heart and bright red petals ends (to dare with other golden yellow dahlias), or "Fruti", in the center purple and petals pale pink to marry with white. Finally, the dahlias "Fubuki", whose petal points dance in the wind, are delightful, especially the "Canary Fubuki" of a very soft yellow.

The wise

The pompoms dahlias look like good girls with petal flowers that fit together perfectly. We particularly like "Snow Cap" all white and "Jessie G", dark pink.
Dahlias with anemone flowers are equally easy-going and their light flowers last even longer than the large-flowered varieties.

The unusual dahlias

The dahlia "Black Star": with big dark red flowers. To plant half-shade to enjoy garnets.
The dahlia "Giraffe": its flowers flirt between sweet yellow and salmon and open in large petals with narrow petals.
The dahlia "Summer Emotions": its huge flowers (more than 25 cm) and its mauve-purple color make it a strange specimen to reserve for the back of the massifs (it rises to more than 1 meter).
The dahlia "Bishop of Llandaff": amazing with its dark red stems and simple flowers of a beautiful garnet, to marry with other varieties dark red or orange.