Photos of artists invite themselves in the decor

Photos of artists invite themselves in the decor

Albert Watson / JAG Gallery

The photos of artists invest the interiors. Like the portraits exhibited at the architect Nicola Gallizia, these images invite themselves from the living room to the kitchen. Especially at a time when more and more galleries offer original prints. Decryption.

For a trendy wall decoration, the pictures of artists are popular! Where to hang them? How to frame them? How can we highlight them? House side guides you.

You do not have to go to the auction house or break your piggy bank to get photo prints of artists at home and on the walls. Works have never been easier to access than today. And that thanks to the emergence of many galleries. This is the case, for example, YellowKorner, which offers original prints, laminated on polymer or aluminum - with or without Plexi - and framed. The gallery also allows you to make simulations virtual snap based on the photos that customers bring from their interior. Because each image must find its place.

Pictures of artists hang in every room

"There is no particular room to hang a picture," says interior designer Christine Borella. For her, "everything is possible everywhere". Provided you avoid themes or styles too daring, too staggered, in rooms where such daring may attack or disturb. Despite this, Christine Borella likes to invest kitchen and bathroom with photos: "It's a way to break the technical side of these pieces and bring them art and poetry."

Framing your photos without disagreement with the decor

"With more than 80 models of frames, each of our works can be adapted to a decor," says one at Lumas, a contemporary photo editor. In addition, there are four types of finishes in different colors and thicknesses. In case of doubt, the Lumas application allows to visualize photo, frame and finishes in situ and to scale. As for the Polka gallery, she advises "anti-reflective glass and any type of frame allowing the best conservation of photographic prints".

Adapt the format of his photos to the size of the walls

On a "really big" wall, Christine Borella recommends "let alone breathe an XXL print." The small sizes, in turn, can be presented in numbers by placing them on a shelf attached to the wall. atmosphere according to your desires. " Another track: "On a large wall, you can also work with chair rails and rods removable tables, which, again, can change the skirmishes."

Portrait of Karl Lagerfeld by Simon Procter / Berndnaut Smilde, directed by the JAG gallery


Put the photographs on the ground for a bohemian look

As for those who do not want to nail or fix, laying on the ground remains an alternative. "It gives a nomadic side or workshop to a space," comments the interior designer.

Illuminate his photos for a decor at the top

Finally, no image hooking without good lighting. For Christine Borella, "the best illumination is that given by small spots of warm light, orientable, placed at 40 or 50 centimeters from the walls". To have "while creating shadow areas". Like in a gallery.

Where to buy pictures of artists for their interior?

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Portrait of Kate Moss signed Albert Watson, directed by JAG Gallery.


Photo of Kate Moss in a laundry, by Arthur Elgort, on sale at Lumas.

Arthur Elgort / Vogue archive collection