Family photo at Christmas: how to succeed at every stroke


Lolita Lejeune

It's not always easy to make a success of your family photos at Christmas! This year, avoid blurry photos, red eyes ... and become a photo pro for a day thanks to the advice of photographer Lolita Lejeune.

Watch his Christmas photos to remember this special day, see our little family evolve over the clichés, ... a real pleasure! Unless the red eyes, a poorly framed picture or a forgotten bottle in the foreground does not spoil everything.

To avoid these pitfalls, Lolita Lejeune, photographer, reveals her little tricks (which you can also find on video). This year, no more excuse, you're the pro of the photo!

1. Succeed group photos

Avoid at all costs a scheme where the whole family is in the same position. Creating a depth in the image by placing people sitting in the center, standing behind ... makes the picture more dynamic. The ideal is to position the whole family at different heights, on a staircase for example.

Do not place people dressed in bright colors next to each other. If your aunt wears a red vest and your cousin a green shirt, do not install them next to the picture. Mix them with the gray or black of your grandfather's shirt ...

Bet on a wide angle, 20 or 30 mm in the ideal. This is very important, especially when the photographer lacks perspective. Increasing the angle allows the whole family to be gathered in the picture without anyone being cut.

2. And family portraits

Attention, this concerns photographers a little more savvy! Play on the depth of the field. This allows you to isolate the person, to blur what is around and put your subject forward. To achieve this result, it is necessary to modify the opening of the diaphragm in the "aperture priority" mode. The smaller the number, the less depth of field and the clearer the portrait.

3. The Flash, I use it or not?

Do not forget to reduce the flash intensity so as not to overwrite the colors. If you can avoid using it and get enough natural light it's even better. For this, install people near a light source, a window for example.

Red eyes are also due to the use of a flash too strong. Again, reduce the intensity of the flash to not transform your family members into a strange character with red eyes ...

If you're really a fan of flash and you can not do without it, little trick: after a first shot with a large flash, people are used to the bright light it gives off. In the second picture people are less dazzled and do not have red eyes!

4. How to avoid blurry photos?

In the menu of your camera, find the setting mode. It allows focusing on the central collimator (small red dot that flashes just before triggering, in the center of the frame). You are assured that the camera will focus on the subject you have chosen and not on the wall behind!

Again use the "aperture priority" mode, this limits the exposure time imposed by default by the camera when it is in "automatic" mode. The low light inside, which is more the winter, imposes that one makes enter a lot of light in the objective to have a rather luminous image. By opening the diaphragm in large, we can afford to reduce the exposure time, and therefore the risk of having blurred images.

5. The framing: nothing easier

Avoid photos in diving or low-angle. It is very important to get up to the subject you are photographing. For example, if you want to take pictures of a child who opens his gifts, do not hesitate to squat.

6. Plans to remember

Think about all the plans. Do not focus solely on the subject of your photo. We must not forget to release both the foreground but also the background. Too many photos are wasted because of a forgotten bottle on the table ...

7. Photos in the tone

Adjust the white balance to have tones suited to places and people. On a compact device you can make this setting with the bulb symbol and then select the indoor mode.

8. As a bonus: little extras for cool pictures at Christmas

- Put people in a row, align everyone and photograph them at 90 °. The first face will be very clear, the second a little less and so on ... Fun and artistic result guaranteed!

- At Christmas, we pay special attention to the decoration of the table. It's always nice to keep a memory of it. So do not forget to take pictures before going to the table! Opt for a small depth of field (same principle as the portrait).

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