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How to remove a mold stain?

How to remove a mold stain?


When moisture reigns in a home, mold invades every nook and cranny. Mold is not only unsightly and unpleasant, it can be harmful to your health. How to eliminate mold? Follow the guide !

Find out how to clean mildew on a wall and how to get rid of it permanently.

Eliminate mold stains on the walls

To clean mildew stains on the walls, mix a quart of white vinegar with a cup of baking soda and ten drops of tea tree essential oil. Pour this mixture into a spray bottle and spray on your contaminated walls. Rub with paper towels or a clean cloth. Change clothes as soon as it is dirty.

You can use this same mixture to clean the joints of your bathroom. Rub them with a toothbrush.

To effectively fight against moisture, pierce a cardboard box of ten holes and place charcoal inside. It will absorb moisture. It is advisable to change the coal as soon as it becomes wet. You do not have coal on hand? Use coarse salt.

Eliminate molds on fabrics

Laundry is inefficient on mold stains. The risk of washing a moldy garment would be to stain the stain. Rub the mildew with white vinegar. Use a hard brush for resistant materials and a soft toothbrush for the most fragile.

If this does not work, equip gloves, air and pour a few drops of ammonia on a cloth. Rub the traces of mold. Then pass the laundry to the machine.

For a mattress, use the ammonia solution. Rinse with a clean cloth and dry with a hair dryer or in the open air.

On leather, however, pass a cloth soaked in glycerin in small circular motions. You can also use turpentine on mildew stains. Then apply a colorless polish on the leather. You should find your clothing clean of any stain.