10 illustrated tips to slim down fun


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Mincir does not necessarily rhyme with suffering, the solution is perhaps to refocus on cooking preparation and presentation on the plate. Here are the tips of Ariane Grumbach, gourmet dietician in Paris.

Tired of exhausting yourself on dieting to finally get your weight right after? And if frustration was not the solution ...? Ariane Grumbach, gourmet dietician, gives us her 10 illustrated tips to transform her diet and her behaviors without suffering and with lasting results. Presentation of a plate light and greedy, good habits to take during meals, you will not see the thinness of the same eye!

1. Know your appetite

We must eat when we are hungry and stop when we are full. The important thing is to be able to listen to the messages of his body, hunger is the signal that he needs fuel. If we wait to feel it, then we will have more pleasure and sensations during the meal. As for the end of the meal, same thing, it is not the plate to tell you when you stop eating, but you: you feel and you decide.

2. Eat seasonal foods

Whether fruit, vegetables, fish, shellfish ... if you choose seasonal food, they will have much more taste, and will be pleasant to enjoy. Eating local and seasonal is certainly a citizen gesture, it is also the way to not be weary, renew the pleasures and desires throughout the year, plus it's economical!

3. Present your dishes nicely

The sight is the first meaning that intervenes in the food, it is important to look after it. First of all, you will feel a certain pride in having prepared a nice dish, and taking your time to look after the presentation will increase the pleasure of the taste afterwards. With a little imagination, you can debanalize all kinds of food, it is much more fun and appetizing.

4. Eat slowly

We are in a world where everything is going fast, and we sometimes tend to want to eat on the same rhythm as the rest. The meal must be a moment of relaxation during the day. The fact of eating slowly makes it possible to appreciate more the food and thus, to be satisfied and satiated more quickly.

5. Relax before the meal

To fully enjoy the meal, it is essential to arrive at the table relaxed! To do this, you need to know how to take a time before the meal for yourself, a shower, a little reading or even a quiet time in the kitchen, everyone to determine what makes him more good.

6. Do nothing else during the meal

It is important to develop your attention to what you eat, to be aware of what is on our plate and therefore to know when we are full. Of course, this does not prevent friendly meals, discussions, what matters is not to be completely absorbed by something else, like his laptop or television.

7. Do not deny yourself

The prohibition creates frustration, so it is better not to have any. Do not be afraid of a food that makes you want, integrate it as part of a varied diet in small quantities, and especially enjoy it!

8. Eat with the 5 senses

Eating is a multi-sensory activity, the important thing is to become aware of it. Touch affects both the mouth and the fingers. Each flavor must tickle your palate, and every smell must make you want to sit down. Be aware of noises, textures, aromas, curiosity is not such a bad fault ...

9. Develop curiosity for new foods

To be fit, the most important thing is to eat in a variety of ways. With a monotonous kitchen, the problem is that we will have much more desire to "let go" on comforting foods. Do not stay focused on old canteen experiences for example, but learn to taste with your senses not your head. Conversely, focus on the tastes and realize that some industrial foods that you may be venerating are not so fabulous ...

10. Listen to your desires

Our desires are not always the same, so it is important to listen to them, over time they will be part of a varied diet. We must know how to have fun, take the case of cheese, if I forbid cheese and opt for a yogurt 0%, I will always think of cheese and crack a little later ... in addition to yogurt! As much to afford a small piece of cheese from the beginning, simply.

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