45 tips for a successful renovation



The work is sometimes the galley. Also, to avoid unpleasant surprises, bet on a preparation and a conduct of works without fault ...

Chapter 1: Properly Plan the Work

- Make the chronological list work to be undertaken. If it is a major renovation, the priority will go to the safeguarding work (roof repairs for example), then to the improvements (various installations, like the kitchen or a multimedia room) and finally to the finishings (painting).
- Estimate how much you are willing to spend; contact financial organizations if you are considering a loan. Remove 10 to 15% of the total obtained ... for the unexpected! You have a budget that will serve as a basis for an architect or craftsmen to whom you will request quotes.
- Build your renovation file with magazine photos and advertising brochures to express as precisely as possible your wishes to the professionals you will contact.
- Consult municipal services to find out about the regulations attached to your place of residence.
- Get all required permits.
- Get in touch with companies. Two or three quotes will allow you to appreciate their seriousness and choose the best. Make sure they have the necessary insurance.
- Prefer the most detailed quotes, indicating not only the price but also the terms of payment (never pay for all work or services in advance), and specifying the schedule of interventions.

Should an architect?

Consulting an architect is mandatory if the raising of a roof or the development of attics leads to a total living space (including existing) greater than 170 m2.

Chapter 2: remaking the roof

- In principle, there is no declaration to make if you redo your roof exactly. But if you change the roofing material, you must file a prior declaration at the town hall. And if you are in a classified zone, the approval of the Historic Monuments is necessary.
- Localized leaks (broken slates or tiles for example) justify simple repairs. Otherwise, it is better to redo all the coverage. Some signs do not deceive: beams are broken, they are cracked, the wood is attacked by parasites ... According to your budget, you will opt for materials that will ensure you a roof in the medium term (30 years) or in the long term ( 60, 80, 100 years), the price varying globally from 1 to 4.
- Roofers, in principle, have tarpaulins. But make it clear this point in the estimate.
- Removal of the old cover you will be charged about 1000 € unless it contains asbestos. It is your responsibility to dispose of this toxic waste. Only specialized companies can intervene.
- Enjoy the renovation to treat the new cover (between 1000 and 2000 €), especially if your roof is near trees

Chapter 3: Change the heating

- Change of energy source is not a matter of crush: we can be for the preservation of nature without systematic use of solar, geothermal or wind power. Not to mention the cost of the installation, remember that the manufacture of a solar panel or a wind turbine causes an expenditure in fossil energy (raw materials, assembly, transport ...) which will be compensated only after several years of operation ... and never if the wind and the sun are too rarely at the rendezvous! So do not go into great work before making the real assessment of your installation or, better, have a thermal diagnosis made by a specialist. The game is worth the candle. He will ask you the right questions: is it a primary or secondary residence? Is the insulation (walls, roof, windows) perfectible? In short, it will highlight the flaws of your current installation.

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Chapter 4: renovating the kitchen

- For the renovation from the kitchen, there too, no rush. First check for existing arrivals and evacuations, then determine where you can create new ones. Remember, if you can bring water almost everywhere, it is not always possible to evacuate it. Take advice from a professional if you have any doubt.
- When the sink is under a window, check that a tap will not prevent opening.
- For a gas installation, think of ventilation and ventilation.
- Choose an extractor hood more efficient than recycling.
- Keep in mind that a clearance of 80 cm is essential in front of the refrigerator, 85 cm in front of an oven, 1 m in front of a stove, and 90 cm in front of a dishwasher.
- Prefer too many electrical outlets well arranged that not badly distributed (and adapt the meter to the new devices that you install).
- Provide lighting general ceiling, direct lighting avoiding areas of shadow on the plan.

Taps: pay attention to the low end!

Do not sacrifice the faucet budget: the low-end always wears faster and is difficult to maintain.

Chapter 5: Improving the bathroom

- Check the plumbing and evaluate the production of hot water. Will it be sufficient for your new needs?
- If you choose a system for producing instant hot water stored in a balloon (a solution often used in the renovation of a country house), avoid heat loss by installing it near (if not in) your room. baths.
- Check the electrical installation and meet safety standards that are often absent in older buildings.
- Create aeration if necessary.
- For a good circulation in the room, allow a clearance of 80 cm in front of a shower and 70 cm in front of a bathtub. A sink and hanging W-Cs facilitate floor cleaning.
- Prefer thermostatic faucets who avoid getting burned, especially if you have children.

Chapter 6: Review the windows

- If you plan to open a new window, an application for authorization to work in the town hall is essential. Take the opportunity to check local regulations that may impose a model, a material or a color.
- If the window frames are in good condition, you do not have to change everything, especially if it's standard size. Otherwise, the cost of the window only to measure may be high, but the price of the pose will be less important. To compare with the price (and the installation) of a frame-window.
- In your budget, do not forget to include the restoration of the walls around the windows.
- Attention to thermal bridges if the space between the frame and the new window block is too large (no more than 1 or 2 cm on each side).
- To avoid unpleasant surprises at the end of the construction site, have the specifications indicate that the removal of windows and shutters is the responsibility of the contractor.
- Remember, when choosing your shutters, that the wood requires more maintenance.

Security: rather metal shutters

Do not forget security. Metal shutters are a priori more resistant than models in wood or PVC. Ask the contractor to include a "metal reinforcement" or "safety closure" item in his quote.

Chapter 7: upgrading the electricity network

- Establish an inventory the installation and list the changes to be made. Unless you are part of it, only a professional can make a guaranteed diagnosis. The number of electrical devices to power will allow him to evaluate the power of the meter to ask. Promotelec is responsible for establishing this type of diagnosis for a sum that ranges from 122 € to 155 € depending on the number of rooms.
- In the quote, require that the removal of the old facility be the responsibility of the contractor.
- If you want to hide new threads, it is necessary to envisage important works of masonry and painting ... and consequently the adequate budget!
- At the end of the work, have them certified by an independent body to ensure that they meet safety standards.
- For bedrooms and living room think of outlets ordered from the front door, so you avoid many trips to the bedside lamps or lamps.

Chapter 8: install an air conditioning

- If you live in a temperate region, better a device that you hide (cellar or attic) outside periods of heat wave. Bulky and noisy, you will have to support it only a few days a year, but it will then make you a service that will make you forget the inconvenience. Attention: air conditioners suck hot air and reject it outside; they must be placed on a wall facing the outside.
- If you live in a region with very hot summers and very cold winters, opt for a reversible air conditioning (it can be invisible if you have the space ... and budget!). It will allow you to cool the summer and heat the winter by passing radiators.

Do you create a multimedia network ...

If masonry work is undertaken, take advantage of it to set up a multimedia network, even if you do not plan to use it right away.

Chapter 9: clean up at the end of construction

- Think, from the first appointment and when drawing up the estimate, to specify in black and white that the removal of rubble is the responsibility of the contractor. Do not hesitate to remind him of his obligations in case of forgetfulness. Failing that, or if you yourself do heavy work, do not drop your rubble anywhere, under penalty of a fine. Check with the town hall to find the address of the nearest dump.