Color painting: 12 shades that throw it


Color painting: 12 shades that throw it


If you want to change the color of your interior, this article is for you. Côté Maison has made a selection of 12 paintings adapted to all styles. Blue, gray, green, coral ... take your time, and choose from these trendy hues!

To give life back to its interior, nothing like a good stroke of paint. Give a new youth to a coffee table with a color full of pep, bring volume to your walls with a brushed effect or feel on vacation in your kitchen with azure paint! 12 paintings at the top, for unlimited ideas.

1. Gray and taupe wedding for industrial interior

Leroy Merlin

When you want an industrial interior, but you do not have a brick wall, it is better to move towards colors reminiscent of metallic materials. The gray and the taupe are very good picks for your walls. Brushed in this way, the paintings bring a workshop spirit and the interior keeps its chic side.

Shades "Chalk", "Tea" and "Taupe". Price: 24.90 euros (1L). Leroy Merlin.

2. Paintings that offer a seaside atmosphere


Want to bring a seaside side to your living room, while giving a facelift to your furniture? That's good, Tollens offers the range of paint you need! A blue reef for the wooden armchair and an azure blue for the coffee table. You are in a lounge located between the Mediterranean and Atlantic.

Wooden armchair: shade "Blue reef", painting Design & You by Tollens.

Wooden coffee table top: shade "Lumière d'Azur", painting Design & You by Tollens.

Low table ironwork: "Satin black" shade, Tollens Design & You painting.

From 29.90 euros (0.5L). Castorama.

3. Offer punchy green paints to his interior

Dulux Valentine

We wake up the walls! In the hallway or living room, this green organdie combines perfectly with gold and duck blue, while giving punch inside. Clear colors that invigorate the space and bring cheerfulness to your room.

Couture range: "velvet satin" hues: organdy green and peacock feather

23.50 euros (0.5L). 58.90 euros (2L). Painting gold wire 39 euros (1L). Dulux Valentine

4. The painting reveals its girly side

Leroy Merlin

It's gone to realize a very girly universe. As feasible in a girl's room as in a student's studio, the pale pink wall is soothing and does not attack the eye. The dresser, meanwhile, offers a punchy side inside and marries wonderfully with the wall.

Bubble-gum tints: "Smack!" and "Scoubidou".

17.95 euros the unit is 35.90 euros (1L). Leroy Merlin.

5. Clean design and brightness thanks to beige paint


In a very clean and Scandinavian spirit, Syntilor's beige sand brings an incredible shine to the walls. Accompanied by some colorful accessories, the interior finds purity and light in a brushstroke.

Rénov 'Sols range: shade "Sand beige"

30.90 euros (0.75 L) 53.90 euros (2 L). Syntilor

6. Go on vacation with azure blue paint

Little Greene

When blue comes on the walls, the seaside spirit comes out instantly. Used in the kitchen, accompanied by a table in brushed wood and white crockery, this navy blue gives you holiday desires by the sea, on a Greek island. If you want a change of scenery, do not hesitate.

Tint "Ultra Blue 264", "Linen Wash 33".

39 euros (1 L). Little Greene.

7. When the gray paint takes the controls

Julien Fernandez

The gray is inviting in the bathroom, and not just any: this gray storm from Ripolin is very dark, close to black, but brings a zen side in this bathroom. In keeping with the washbasins, this gray wall accentuates the parquet wood and the wicker basket. Thanks to the large openings, it does not darken the room. A result at the top!

Range Attitude Kitchen and Bath. Hue "Tempete Gray" satin finish.

From 45,90 euros (2L): Ripolin

8. The blue-green invites itself into the Haussmannian interior


This is called a perfect wedding! This blue cedar painting on the wall goes perfectly with parquet. In a Haussmannian living room where the wood premium, this blue with its shades of gray and green is chic and brings a crazy character inside.

Shade "Blue cedar, reference CM40",

From 6 euros (m2). House side by Resource.

Buy "Cedar Blue" Home Side by Resource

9. Gray paint in a bohemian decor

Farrow & ball

What's better than a clean wall for a bohemian universe? The painting "Purbeck Stone" by Farrow & Ball fits perfectly to this theme. Pleasant, sweet to the eye, we are dealing with a very light gray, which can marry perfectly with an industrial style piece.

Tint: "Purbeck Stone 275".

79 euros (2.5 L). Farrow & ball.

10. Empty paint in an interior with natural colors


In a brown and wooded universe, do not think anymore, dare the greige! Located between gray and beige, it embellishes your walls in the most beautiful way. The greige brings brightness to your interior and stays true to the natural tones of your room.

Shade "Greige",

From 6 euros (m2) for 2 layers and sample at 3 euros. House side by Resource.

Buy the "Greene" shade House Side by Resource

11. An explosion of colors in an industrial interior


Animate your wall in the most beautiful way with this range of paintings from V33. Bring life to an industrial interior by offering summer colors to your walls. From mint blue to coral, the casual collection will give you tons of ideas.

Casual Collection: "jean blue", "menthol", "coral", "taupe", "white" ...

From 16.50 euros (0.5 L). V33.

12. A gray hallway for a chic result


Gray is the star color of this season. Here, this urban gray satin gives character to this corridor. Thanks to the white on the top of the walls and the ceiling, the corridor is bright. The satin finish accentuates the brightness of the hallway.

Multi-media painting: "urban satin" hue.

36.95 euros (2.5 L). Castorama.