Indigo blue sublimates the decor


Indigo blue sublimates the decor


Indigo blue is the color of spring. Dense, deep, bright and fresh, indigo takes us to distant lands where this color is queen, to discover Portugal, Greece or Morocco. In the house, it is on cushions, on the curtains, or in bed linen that indigo blue sublimates our decor.

Timeless color, the indigo blue awakens a textile wall hanging as well as a bathroom tile or a convivial table. Exotic and chic at the same time, it invites to calm or relaxation and revamps the house with freshness.

1. A bench dressed in indigo blue cushions

We escape at nap time, lying on beautiful cushions decorated with indigo blue gradients. The deco trick : we accumulate several cushions more or less faded version to refresh the bench of the garden.

In picture : cushions 40 x 60 cm, from 30 euros the cover of cushions tie and dye blue and white, (plaid Oscar cotton 42 euros, rattan bench 255 euros), Broste Copenhagen.

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Broste Copenhagen

2. An indigo blue plant pot basket for plants

We give color to the green corner of the living room. To change the traditional pot holder, we transform this basket indigo blue braided fabric into a flower pot. The deco trick : opt for green plants whose hue stands out on the blue of the textile.

In picture : basket in navy woven fabric, 35 x 31cm, 41 x 35cm, 46 x 38cm, 141 euros the lot of 3, Hubsch at


3. An azulejos blue indigo wallpaper in the kitchen

Mimicking the famous Portuguese tile tiles, this wallpaper revamps the kitchen and gives it a Portuguese atmosphere. Clad in blue, the kitchen becomes brighter and deliciously exotic. The deco trick : light, neutral wooden keys that soothe and warm the density of blue walls.

In picture : non-woven Lisboa wallpaper, 14.90 euros per roll of 53 cm x 10m, 4 walls.


4. An indigo blue herringbone rug on the stairs

We wake up a banal wooden staircase with a blue carpet. Indigo blue color, this light herringbone rug makes the staircase of the house and gives it a new youth. The deco trick : the wood of the staircase is left on each side for a more graphic and contemporary effect.

In picture : indigo cotton herringbone stair carpet, from 30 euros to 510 euros depending on the size,

Dash Albert Europe

5. Indigo blue bed linen in the room

To make sweet dreams, we dress the bed of indigo blue sheets, with fresh and summer colors. We complete the decor of this blue bed with different blue accessories that play the complementary. The deco trick : The white bed sky illuminates the room and adds a romantic touch.

In picture : bed linen, structure in cotton satin 220 x 240 cm, 169 euros duvet cover, plaid Elliott cotton and wool 140 x 200 cm, 89 euros, envelope embroidered cushion Manali, 42 euros, Madura.


6. An indigo tablecloth and crockery for lunch outside

Dressed in indigo blue, the lunches outside smell good holidays. To escape, we have lunch on a white tablecloth and indigo blue, and in blue and white ceramic plates. Tones that evoke the colors of the houses of the Greek islands. The deco trick : fill salad bowls and touch plates with yellow to bring out the intensity of indigo blue.

In picture : tablecloth, white blue herringbone table runner, 3, 99 euros, blue sandstone plates, 3.99 euros each, indigo blue sandstone tumbler, 1.99 euros, paper towels 1.49 euros 30, tumblers en carton € 0.99 10, Sommar collection for Ikea.


7. A sofa refreshed with an indigo blue and gray cover

We revise the living room sofa with a new cover. Contemporary, its indigo blue and gray print brings freshness to the living room. The deco trick : we mix the graphics while remaining in blue tones with a carpet and a suspension that complete the decor.

In picture : 3 seater Ektorp sofa cover, Betula ZInc fabric 609 euros, Ink blue Tegner cushion covers 29 euros, Bemz.


8. An indigo blue mosaic dining table

With its mosaic tray, this dining room table evokes the depth of Moroccan horizons. Decorated with indigo blue tiles, this table invites you to a Mediterranean conviviality with its matching benches and stools. The deco trick : to warm up a little "mineral" dining room, we bring a touch of nature with simple branches.

In picture : dining table in exterior treated treated tiles, table 196 x 99 cm, bench 180 x 42cm and stool, from 9000 euros all, Zoe Galerie.


9. A piece of indigo blue wall tile in the bathroom

We give character to the bathroom by choosing for the wall deep indigo blue tiles. In contrast, the white bathtub, leaning against the blue tiles, stands out elegantly. We also like the elongated brick shape of the hand-finished and slightly irregular tiles. The deco trick : not to darken the room, we covered a single piece of wall tile.

In picture : Lapis wide brick-shaped tiling, Cosmopolitan ceramic collection glossy finish by hand, 12 x 3 x 3.8 cm, xxx, The Winchester Tile Company.

The Winchester Tile company

10. A tie and dye curtain in indigo blue shibori

Light and airy, these curtains dress the room with their exotic designs. The light is smoothly sifted through the irregularly dyed fabric. The deco trick : made in shibori, a folded textile dyeing technique, the "exploded" patterns of these curtains can be more or less blue or white, since each piece is unique.

In picture : Shibori cotton curtain effect Tye and dye handmade, 360.98 euros, Indigo MoonLove at Etsy.


And also ... A bathroom tile spotted with indigo blue

Inspired by Japanese textiles, this original tile declines the color indigo blue watercolor way. As if we had poured water on paint, a gradient run out on the tiles. The indigo blue brings out the whiteness of the tiles and enhances it. The deco trick : the "stain" style of the painting on the tile, which gives its arty touch to the sink area.

In picture : Watermark indigo tile, 10.50 euros the 3 x 6cm tile, Deborah Osburn for

Cle Tiles Debotah Osburn