A nature deco for a sweet Christmas

A nature deco for a sweet Christmas


Linked to the desire for slow life, a way of life that encourages us to take time and to be content with little, the vegetable trend stands out from others. It blooms for the winter season to better unfold with the wood, its soft colors and neutral materials. As a nod to the warm interiors of the Scandinavian countries, the natural and cozy style is revealed at Christmas time. Decryption.

With a return to minimalism, the decoration trend is inspired by essential values. Slow life has become a way of life in its own right with a claimed natural style. The house gets rid of the superfluous and ostentatious to privilege comfort. Faithful to this idea, the Christmas decoration is based on a newfound simplicity. The creators are inspired by nature to imagine a refined and delicate atmosphere.

At the time of the holidays, the wood is invited a little everywhere in the house, key element in the vegetal tendency. On lanterns, a tray, a decorative deer or fir tree suspensions, the wood is neutral and elegant. Easy to associate, he knows how to sublimate objects and accessories to enhance them.

Like Scandinavian homes, Christmas rhymes with a certain sweetness of life. The materials speak for themselves and create a warm, cozy atmosphere. Next to the wood, the photo-phorons enthroned in frosted glass. Simple lines and pretty imperfections, the glass is matte with a raw tex-ture. Table linen in jute or cotton, the holidays are the occasion to emphasize the natural and noble materials. The colors, echoing the earth, the water or the sky, are soft. Declinations of white, gray or blue mingle in a delicate decor.

In the tree, the balls and hung objects are all winks to nature. Pine cones, deer or owls dress the tree with simplicity. Everything is awakened by wire garlands that bring a little brightness. As a detail that is not one, candles are inconvertible for a Christmas slow. They come in endlessly in various candles or purified candlesticks, with the desire to sift a little light, to subtly bring another air of celebration.