The right temperature for the bathroom

That it is unpleasant to be cold when leaving the shower! Even if we do not stay more than a quarter of an hour in the bathroom, it is always nice that it is at the best temperature possible ...

In the bathroom, it is advisable to have a temperature of 21 ° C. History also to avoid too much moisture that can cause mold. Power side, there are about 100 to 300 watts per square meter.

What to choose ? Often a towel radiator. Not only does it warm the room, but it also keeps the bath sheets warm. Composed of horizontal tubes, spaced apart enough to insert a towel between each bar, it is fixed on a flat wall surface (generally 1 x 0.5 m). Water models are the most energy efficient and keep the heat for a long time. On the other hand, they need to be connected to the central heating, and therefore do not work when the latter is off.

To enjoy a mild temperature all year long, you can opt for an electric towel rail. But beware: its rapid heating goes hand in hand with high energy consumption. In addition, like any electrical appliance, it can not be placed anywhere in the bathroom: a distance of at least 60 cm from the bath or shower must be respected.

Rest the towel dryer: it combines economy and heat on demand. It works by connecting to the central heating system during the winter and by electricity, thanks to resistance, during the seasons.

The most cautious will finally complete their installation by fan heaters or infrared rulers. They are not very cumbersome and are installed very easily even in small bathrooms. The infrared strips are attached to the wall while the blowers can be moved. With a rapid rise in temperature, they perfectly dry the atmosphere.