[Best 2018] Top 10 most read painting articles


[Best 2018] Top 10 most read painting articles


Painting is the ideal solution to give character to the decor of your home. Paint a wall, the ceiling, furniture or tiles, the desires are many ... But the mistakes too! Before you start, many of you are looking forbest advice not to fool you. Côté Maison has therefore selected for you a summary of the "painting" articles that have helped you the most in 2018.

Which painting to choose? For which finish to choose? Which material to use? In sum, how paint properly ! Here are the best tips on painting. What you throw without doing burrs!

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Top 1 most read articles - More than 30 colors to repaint your living room

Want to give a cool blow to the walls of your living room ? Before you get down to work, it's better to be sure of the color to adopt. Blue for a cocooning and relaxing atmosphere, green for a vegetal decoration, white for a zen stay, bordeaux for a chic atmosphere ... This slideshow lists more than 30 shades to repaint the walls of your living room. The breakdown of inspiration is nothing but a bad memory.

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Dulux Valentine

Top 2 most read articles - Repainting a staircase for a makeover

Your old staircase shows the signs of the regular passages and would need mucha youthful look ? Difficult to change at a lower cost, so why not opt ​​for a paint makeover ? Find the steps to follow step by step to give your staircase a new sparkle.

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William Oliver

Top 3 most read articles - The top 7 color trends 2018

Color is a matter of taste, but also of trend! As of 2017, many of you were scrutinizing future trends for the coming year. What color trends, what finishes, what are the timeless? A lot of ideas for repaint your interior in 2018.

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Top 4 most read articles - Painting: trendy colors for the kitchen

Like the bathroom, the kitchen requires special care when it comes to repainting. The color has a say and defines from the outset the decor of your kitchen. Find colors trend that will stick best to the skin ...

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Top 5 most read articles - Marry the colors: the 6 traps to avoid

To change the eternal white paint, Côté Maison reveals you 6 pitfalls to avoid to marry the colors and change the ordinary. To repaint the living room, sublimate the entrance or relooking old furniture, these associations are perfect!

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Dulux Valentine

Top 6 Most Read Articles - Top 15 Paint Marks

You start painting, but are lost to the many choices available to you? Do not panic ! Côté Maison presents you the different paint brands, classifying them from the most accessible to the most upscale. What, finally, you find there ...

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Top 7 most read articles - Pro tips to repaint tiling

Repaint his tiling allows in a wink to change the mood and style of a room! However, if the idea is attractive, there is some mistakes to avoid and tips to follow before starting. Do not be fooled, find the recommendations that will avoid you many disappointments.

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The Winchester Tile company

Top 8 most read articles - Painting: 12 mistakes to avoid in the room

If in terms of color, the simplest is still to give free rein to his imagination and his tastes, in the room, place of rest and well-being, some colors are to be avoided. What color to favor for a restful sleep? What tone banish in the night area to avoid nightmares? Answers!

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Transition Interior Design

Top 9 most read articles - 20 top paintings for the room

To give a special atmosphere to your room, it's not just decorative accessories and furniture ... The color of the walls, too, counts! Gray, white, black, blue, yellow, green ... The painting is declined in thousand and one colors for the walls of the sleeping area. We help you to sort with this selection of 20 ideas of trendy hues for sweet dreams.

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Leroy Merlin

Top 10 most read articles - Bleu duck: good associations

With its unique hue, in balance between blue and green, the blue duck has seduced you in 2018! But what to marry this marked hue? Yellow, red, gray ... Associations are multiple and seem to have piqued your curiosity ...

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