Tollens: what are the new colors that will dress our interiors?


What are the 2019 color trends?

Eve Wilson

"Do not be afraid of color": in collaboration with the Trends Office Color Hive, Tollens reveals the new colors of tomorrow. Pastel shades, saturated, neutral, There is something for every taste ! Focus on 4 new Tollens color trends from 2019 who will transform your interior.

Hand in hand with Color Hive, the brand Tollens reveals 4 new inspirations ready to dress the interiors of tomorrow: Analogue, Immersion, Equation and Broceliande. All composed of 8 colors from the famous TOTEM color chart From the sign, these colors aim to reflect everyone's moods for an interior that resembles them. Mixed with serene and authentic environments, futuristic and wildwarm brown tones and natural green are at the forefront of the collections, followed closely by pastel shades and variations of roses. Discover the 32 colors Tollens at the heart of the trends of 2019 !

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2019 color trend # 1: neutral tones for a return to basics

This new trend Similar is inspired by essential things in life. deploying calm and serenity in your room, it encourages you to welcome small imperfections and to privilege everything that evokes the hand-made. The decor is very minimalist, reducing shapes and curves to a minimum. The research of authentic and what is unique is the essential point of Analogue: we note it especially through the Overlay and transparency games bringing a depth effect.

The palette offered by this first trend brings together neutral toneswarm, comforting and even balanced, very easy to use and to marry together. As stated Cécile Gerst, the expert Tollens color, this type of sober colors can be applied as simple decorative touch or on a whole wall to give an ideal elegance in Haussmann apartments and family houses. The colors Wild Fig and Ebony, two chestnuts very dark, will fit perfectly with cooler tones as the Blue Diamond or Confidence. A new trend 2019 ready to ride the wave of minimalism!

Tollens painting: Hedgehog T 2152-4

Derin Photography / Adobe Stock

Tollens Paintings: Charming T 2107-5, Confidence T 2190-5, Blue Diamond T 2013-1

Tessa Ross-Phelan for Studio Esteta

2019 color trend # 2: immersive and futuristic hues

The trend Immersion draws inspiration from impacts of technology on our senses, and tries to propose new sensory experiences by placing us halfway between the digital world and the real world. Marie Rouillon from the office Color Hive explains that to imagine this color trend, his team helped the project North Sense, an implant to identify the direction of the North by a vibration, creating a kind of sixth sense.

The color palette assembles new perspectives and plays a lot on the reflections of the light or on different shades. The pastel shades, like the acid yellow Reed and the pale green ofPale gold, are omnipresent and bring a fresh and surprising effect to the interiors. The color chart is also composed of saturated hues like the colors Gigi or Lock Ness which bring a boudoir spirit to the decor. Thanks to this contrasting marriage, Tollens encourages to play with the degraded on walls and even ceilings to create a soothing, harmonious and warm atmosphere which perfectly matches an urban universe.

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Tollens Paintings: Green Gold T 2181-6, Rose Syrup T 2195-1, In the mood T 2098-1


Tollens Paintings: Gigi T 2076-3, Alpine Waters

Misha Gordon / Alamy

2019 color trend # 3: structured and geometric colors

As the name suggests, the Equation trend is inspired by science and mathematics. There are evocations to urban architectures and their deco made of geometric shapes and directional colors. This structural universe seeks maximization and efficiency through modularization spaces, especially small spaces lacking space.

The color palette includes many full tones of energy and light but also neutral or even dark hues as the Black Coal where the Mouse grey. The advantage of these nuances? They allow point out a detail or define an area. A perfect trend for a structured decor with well-defined spaces!

Tollens Paintings: Indigo T 2003-4, Color Block T2061-1, Gray Mouse T 2145-5,

Kangshuo Tang

Tollens Paintings: Mouse Gray T 2145-5, Coal T 2131-3, Amanite T 2071-1

Andy Matthews

Tollens Paintings: Indigo T 2003-4, Robin Hood T 2035-6, Irbis TF 209-1

Lauren D. Zbarsky

Trend color 2019 n ° 4: wild and natural tones

Contrary to the previous trend, Brocéliande is turning to the world of nature and spirituality through what Marie Rouillon from the Color Hive office calls the "colors of tomorrow". However, contrary to what one might think, the "green" trend does not give pride of place to tropical patterns which are however furious lately. In this universe, it is more the wild world that is put forward.

Naturally, we favor natural materials and the hand-made as in the first trend Similar, and we fill up powerful and rich colors, like hue Wood of India. A new super color trend to adopt the style Wabi Sabi!

Tollens Painting: Voodoo T 2096-5

Eve Wilson

Tollens Paintings: Rust Accent T2121-1

Antartica Estudio