Bathroom paint: which color to choose?


Bathroom paint: which color to choose?

Dulux Valentine

More and more uninhibited, the bathroom dares bold colors and off the beaten track. Far from being content with a simple blue or white, it's time to have fun with a paint color with affirmed character. Like another room in the house, the color is chosen with care and asks for a hint of reflection. If the room is narrow, we have fun doing paint effects by creating a base in a dark tone or by applying a soft color on the smaller wall, for example. The painting is also there to display the personality of its occupants. We dare staggered shades in this passage room, reserved for an intimate use. Yellow curry, fir green or soft pink, a reflex also for boost good mood for all-gray mornings ! Discover 12 colors full of ideas and inspiring for the bathroom.

With a color chart more and more varied, the painting for the bathroom broadens its horizon in terms of colors. The trend advocates places of life with a marked personality and this piece is no exception to the rule. Surprising shades invite you into the bathroom and create a space where it is good to relax. Colourists are working on ever more technical paintings for a resistance to any event in general and moisture in particular. The total tiled look is set aside and we prefer painting for a current style. The walls even allow themselves some fantasies with stylish effects for a neat decoration. Follow 12 color ideas to paint a bathroom and bring him a real coup de frais !

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1. A bathroom with a shades of green

It was thought harmful in the bathroom because of its bad-looking effect, the green is revealed with a good dose of inspiration for a piece of character. In a dark green gradient from almost black to light green, the painting plays on a wall to bring a feeling of space and depth. As a reminder of nature, green is also synonymous with well-being and calm. It combines with tiling in the same colors for a deco set in tune with the times.

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More info: Aquamarine painting - Mid 284, Three Green Farm 306 & Black Lamp 228, 42 euros the 1 liter pot in matte acrylic, Little Greene.

Little Greene

2. A yellow paint for a shot of pep in the bathroom

On a piece of wall, the yellow paint wakes up the bathroom. Associated with an intense blue, the tint illuminates the whole room. To make sure you choose the right shade, you put on a strong yellow and forget about the lighter, almost tasteless variations. In the bathroom, some accessories, such as towels, are an opportunity to echo this bright color.

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More info: Yellow Mimosa painting, universe Cozy Powdered, Infiniment Zolpan 3 collection, from 26.83 euros for 1 liter in white, Zolpan.


3. Dark gray for a soothing bathroom

Without appearing, dark gray is a bold choice for a bathroom. The painting is then enveloping and draws a room like a cocoon. At once soft and contemporary, dark gray goes with many styles. We like to accentuate its strength with cement tiles with graphic patterns or touches of blacks. All punctuated by a decorative object in copper or brass, the bathroom has everything!

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More info: Bathroom paint © Totem collection, colors Canaille T2138-1, Flat Hydro Satin finish, 36.52 euros per liter, Tollens.


4. A white paint for a bright bathroom

In the bathroom, white is a timeless that we never tire of. We like its cool and bright side, its ability to adapt with all styles and to offer a pleasant room to live. To break with a too monastic style, we favor a soft and matte tint, which tends towards the warm, like a white limestone. A way also to create a visual harmony thanks to a white very different from the sanitary elements, often bright.

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More info: paint color Limestone / D29B, silky finish, pot 4 liters, 104 euros and pot 10 liters 207 euros, Pure and Paint.

Pure and Paint

5. The blue, timeless in the bathroom

Timeless, the blue runs through the fashions in the bathroom. It remains a flagship color with a connotation to water, evoking a feeling of well-being. In order to create a piece of character, the blue blends with dark shades, like an intense gray. When the room has a good height, it is advisable to paint the ceiling and the top of the wall to bring a feeling of warmth. The space then becomes cozy with a beautiful bathtub.

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More info: paints presented in Blue Gray and Smoky colors, Color Resist Kitchen & Bath range, 0,75 liter, 26,90 euros and Frost Blue color (in net), Color Resist range walls & woodwork, 1 liter, 25 , 90 euros, Dulux Valentine.

Dulux Valentine

6. A pink paint for a delicate bathroom

At the same time soft and pleasant, the rose interferes in a delicate bathroom. We love his refined spirit for a room where every detail counts. It goes well with raw wood and a contemporary style: a bathtub and a sink with minimalist lines, designer faucets and a refined decoration. The pink paint is applied with moderation, on a piece of wall or via a touch of color.

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More info: Paint Chiffon Pink - N ° 2070, from 35 euros the pot of 1 liter (walls and interior woodwork), exists in pot of 2,5 liters and 10 liters, Paintings 1825.

1825 Paintings

7. The brown, warm and soft for the bathroom

Quite singular, the brown painting arouses curiosity in the bathroom. It evokes gluttony and all its pleasures, a trait of essential character in a room dedicated to well-being. Like a bubble, the painting is found on the walls but also, why not, on the ceiling. Brown is also linked to a certain exoticism. It is a propitious setting for a raw style with wood, baskets, natural notes.

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More info: kitchen and bathroom colors, colors Brazil nuts, satin finish, 39.95 euros the pot of 2.5 liters, Castorama.


8. A sky blue for a regressive bathroom

Linked to childhood, the sky blue has a light and sweet connotation. Like other blues, it is simple to apply in the bathroom and adapts to various styles. With wood and white tones, it denotes by its simplicity. The sky blue paint is also a nice decor for a bathroom for children by its regressive side.

More info: kitchen and bathroom paint, blue fir-gray color, protects from moisture and grease, washable, 11 standard colors (satin, matte), 1170 tints, available in 0.75 liter , 24.90 euros and 2 liters, 44.90 euros, Ripolin.


9. A neutral gray in a contemporary bathroom

Pure gray (without yellow or blue tint) is crude and easy to combine. In the bathroom, he knows how to be discreet enough not to attract too much attention while putting the different elements in value. The gray paint is connoted to a rather contemporary and urban universe with notes of black and cold materials but it can also be enjoyed in a bathroom country house style with a more traditional style.

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More info: multi-material paint Bathroom, Gray Pebble color, 36.95 euros the 2.5 liter pot, V33.


10. A warm bathroom with a yellow curry tint

With the idea of ​​creating a welcoming room, where you feel good, warm colors are coveted in the bathroom. A beautiful yellow curry with a muted tone knows how to be sweet and enveloping at the same time. On a piece of wall, it is self-sufficient. We love the idea of ​​finding it also on a lion's leg bath and shelves on the wall for a total uniform look.

More info: India Yellow 66 paint, Estate Emulsion finish, 81 euros 2.5 liter pot, Farrow and Ball.

Farrow and Ball

11. The taupe paint for a retro bathroom

In a large bathroom, colors like warm tones, evocative of well-being. On a wall, the mole is neutral enough to marry everything and singular to bring a real personality to the room. Associated with wood and white, it is simple and elegant for a bathroom decoration.

More info: Vinyl paint - N ° 2041, from 35 euros the pot of 1 liter (walls and interior woodwork), exists in pot of 2,5 liters and 10 liters, Paintings 1825.

1825 Paintings

12. The black is also invited in the bathroom

A time set aside, the black is once again on the rise in the house. With different finishes, the painting breathes many possible variations. Chic, modern and imposing, it's a color like no other. Black surprises. It is assumed until the end by opting for a bathroom like a bubble covered with black, walls on the ceiling. A successful approach to a unique piece.

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More info: painting Barbouille color, from 39 euros the pot of 1 liter, Mercadier.