How to plunge your room in the dark for a peaceful night?

How to plunge your room in the dark for a peaceful night?

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You are among the people who can not sleep if a light remains in the room ? Or do you wake up systematically when the day comes early in the morning? It is time to adopt these 6 tips to make complete black in the room to sleep and spend more peaceful nights.

In the bedroom, light can be a nuisance. If some people are very comfortable with sunshine that reach the night corner or LEDs electronic devices, for many, the light disturbs sleep. How get the complete black in a room and spend quiet nights? Cape on 6 tips for sleep in total darkness.

Tip # 1: Turn off or disconnect electrical appliances that emit light

Before all things, if you want to do complete black in your room to sleep better, you must get rid of obvious sources of light. Electric alarm clock, screensavers, LEDs of digital equipment of all kinds ... For total darkness, switch off or disconnect all devices that emit light when they are on. These standby lights, no matter how small, produce a halo of annoying light when night falls.

If you have an electric alarm clock and you do not wish to part with it, swap it for an analog model or cover it with an opaque cloth so that the light emitted does not disturb you during the night.

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Tip # 2: Swap your curtains against blackout models

Put your curtains and light curtains in the closet, and invest in blackout models to block the outside light emitted by streetlights or sunlight in the early morning. Thicker than classic curtains and lined with opaque material, they prevent the light from passing in a simple way and more or less effective according to the models. If you do not want to invest in this type of solution, sometimes expensive, or you want to keep your current curtains, know that there are blackout liners to fix easily.

If they help to reduce the brightness in the room, the blackout curtains are not perfect: since they are not pressed against the windows, a light strip is created all around and prevents to do the complete black. To remedy this and counteract this effect, consider choosing a rod wider than your windows.

Tip 3: opt for window blinds

Venetians, wrinkled, winders ... There are a lot of blinds to be fixed inside or outside the windows in addition to curtains or shutters. Thanks to their horizontal or vertical blades, or to their fabric panels, the blinds make it possible to greatly reduce the light in the room. And besides, they are easy to install!

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Tip # 4: Hide the bottom of the door to prevent light from entering

Sometimes the lights do not come from the room itself but from the outside or an adjacent room. All around the door of the sleeping area, or that of the entrance to the dwelling, the light can form a very awkward halo which spreads throughout the room and disturbs your sleep.

To remedy this, there are not 36 solutions: hide the bottom of the door Problematic using a door pudding or carpet to prevent light from penetrating to your sleeping area. Peaceful nights assured!

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Tip 5: bet on opaque films to fix to glazing

If the curtains are not enough to block the light coming from outside, think about opaque films to be fixed directly to glazing. Repositionable or electrostatic, some models can even be applied and removed as needed. During the day, let the light penetrate your room by taking them off your windows. At night, fix them in the blink of an eye and Sweet dreams.

Tip # 6: Install roller shutters to bedroom windows

None of the temporary tricks worked to plunge your room into darkness? Are you still awake when the sun rises? It may be time to move to the most radical solution ... Swap your classic shutters, which often leave a lot of light, against electric models that roll and unfold at the touch of a button.

Although sometimes expensive and requiring some small work, roller shutters are the most effective when it comes to doing complete black in a room. Once the metal blades are lowered, no gaps allow the outside light to pass. The dream !