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How to plant cherry tomatoes on the terrace?


Julia Brechler / Bricolo Factory

Even in an apartment, you can have plants or flowers at home while decorating your balcony or terrace. With these tips, you can plant cherry tomatoes in no time. Follow the guide…

In winter as in spring, you can have greenery on your balcony. Do not hesitate and free your soul gardener by planting yourself cherry tomatoes! Just follow these instructions to have a colorful terrace.

1. Cover the flowerpot with clay balls and potting soil

First, cover the flowerpot on 1/5 with a bed of clay balls to promote drainage. Spread it homogeneously at the bottom of the pot, add the potting soil and moisten the clumps. Then position the plants and moisten the cups.

Julia Brechler / Bricolo Factory

Julia Brechler / Bricolo Factory

2. Detach the roots of the root ball

Remove the clods to loosen the roots at the transplanter or shears.

Julia Brechler / Bricolo Factory

Julia Brechler / Bricolo Factory

3. Dig a hole for the cherry tomato plant

Dig at the bottom hole for the location of the cherry tomato foot then place the cherry tomato foot. Fill with horticultural compost or geranium, tamp and water abundantly.

Julia Brechler / Bricolo Factory

Julia Brechler / Bricolo Factory


Ball of clay

Horticultural soil or geranium


Red flower = Cyclamen

Plant left corner = Sedum

Red salad = Heuchère

Orange flower = Thinking

Two-tone flower = Viola cornuta

Falling plant = Ivy






Thank you to the Interprofession of the horticulture of the floristry and the landscape www.arbres-plantes-fleurs.fr for its tips.