What to do with this wall?

What to do with this wall? - Realization Agency Olivia Clor

François Guillemin for Olivia Clor Agency

You may have already asked yourself the questionopen or shoot down a load-bearing wall in your interior. For enlarge space, gain more light, make traffic more fluid. So many good reasons to knock down this wall that partitions the rooms of your house or your apartment. This approach can be scary because it affects the very structure of the habitat and often requires major work. So how to do it? Who to call? How much does it cost ? Two professionals answer you: Olivia Clor, interior designer, and Antoine Schott, structural engineer at 1G Solutions.

First of all, you need think about your interior design project. Breaking a wall is not done lightly, it must present a real interest in everyday life. Then you have to know how to surround yourself with good professionals. Architect or interior designer and structural engineer guarantee the feasibility of the project as well as monitoring its implementation. Some administrative steps are necessary, depending on whether you live in co-ownership or not, and the work done by a qualified company can then begin. Only remains to enjoy this new open space, relieved of some partitions ... To guide you during all these phases, discover the answers provided by two professionals in architecture and interior design.

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What is a load bearing wall and how to recognize it?

A load-bearing wall supports the frame as well as the structure of the floors of a building, whether it is a building or a house. It differs from an interior partition essentially by its thickness. To recognize it, you have to do some surveys. The ideal is to call on a design office composed of structural engineers. They carry out a reconnaissance by means of a perforator, or even by reading the co-property plans. In the first case, this allows the direct study of the thickness of the walls, the analysis of dust and color which determine the type of material used. It is also possible, in co-ownership, to visit the lower and upper floors to realize the internal structure of the building. Beware, however, Antoine Schott, structural engineer at 1G Solutions, warns: "a partition that sounds a bit "deaf" may have taken charge over time, it is considered semi-carrier ". just recognition by ear is not enough.

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Remove a bearing wall: yes, but why?

Touching a wall, partially or completely, allows you to recompose the interior space. Olivia Clor, interior designer, notes from experience that opening or depositing a porter "allows to gain in brightness. We often get a window or a crossing effect that gives a sense of light more than volume. "Our current way of life also defines the way we treat the internal structure of the habitat. Today, there is no question, for example, to stay locked in his kitchen while the guests enjoy the living room and the dining room. The main request is therefore to the opening of partitions between the kitchen and the living room. In this case, it is common to partially open the carrier so as to hide the kitchen furniture.

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In this renovation project it was necessary to drill into the right bearing wall to create a doorway.

François Guillemin for Olivia Clor Agency

Breakthrough of the load-bearing wall for the creation of a door.

Olivia Clor Agency

The newly created passage in the carrier wall.

Olivia Clor Agency

It is also very common to open a load-bearing wall for create a doorway from one space to another. But removing a load-bearing wall is not always the best solution. If you use an interior designer, he will most often submit several interior design proposals, one with removal, the other without. It depends of course on the budget, the feasibility, - it is not uncommon for co-ownership to refuse this type of work - and the given problem. Solutions also exist to circumvent the problem, as Olivia Clor explains: "it is interesting to turn around [or even] to create doorways, a solution that is often less expensive rethink the circulation".

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The opening of part of the wall opened the kitchen to the living / dining room.

François Guillemin for Olivia Clor Agency

Who to call to deposit a load-bearing wall?

Whether you live in an apartment or a detached house, it is important to surround yourself with professionals. Most often thought by an architect, interior designer, the project requires the expertise of a structural engineer and a construction company qualified. Each interlocutor must be covered by a decennial liability insurance. The architect designs the development project and uses a structural engineer who guarantees its feasibility.

Antoine Schott explains: "Most of the time, I go for an appointment - free of charge - to clearly identify the need, to understand the environment and to take readings, and sometimes it is necessary to do a survey. The outcome of the meeting, I establish a detailed technical and commercial proposal.After the quote accepted, I write a calculation note descents charge in order to determine the weight that is based on the element concerned by the works, all associated with a plan of principle of the planned opening. The descent load takes into account the nature of the floors, the thickness of walls, the wall materials, and this up to the roof to know the weight that will fall on the wall in question. Finally, depending on the nature of the wall (more or less steep) and the importance of the opening (more or less high / wide), I define and dimension a recovery methodology, usually beam or gantry type by paying attention to the aesthetic side. "This service is billed, for a simple mission with installation of an IPN (Beam I to Normal Profile) for example, between 1000 and 1200 euros HT This rate increases according to the dimensions of the study or the number of walls.

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Prolongation of an IPN.

Olivia Clor Agency

What are the administrative steps to be taken?

If you live in a building in co-ownership, you will have more steps to perform only if you live in a detached house. In the first case, the approach is the following, as Antoine Schott tells us: "It is essential to surround yourself with a structural design office and a specialized works company in order to obtain a lasting realization, with a ten-year construction guarantee.In the framework of works in co-ownership, and in order to get the right to undertake this type of workit is generally necessary to present the results of the study at a general meeting to reassure everyone of the seriousness of their approach and thus to vote favorably for the authorization. "You can also convene an exceptional general meeting to speed up the process. idea is to reassure the co-owners. To cover you to the maximum, "make, before the intervention, a report of usher to the rights of the wall concerned by the works (on the lower and upper floors at least) to avoid any abuse of neighbors during or after the opening! " Know in all cases that this takes timethis should be taken into account in the design phase of the project as this may have an impact on the start and duration of the work.

In detached house, the problem does not arise, you are free to do what you want at home. However, be sure to surround yourself with qualified professionals and covered by a decennial insurance because it is not small jobs.

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Opening of the hopper.

Olivia Clor Agency

How much does it cost to remove a load-bearing wall?

For the structural engineer, the opening work to create a door or a passage slightly wider than a door will cost you between 5,000 and 10,000 euros, and that's about a week's work. Olivia Clor speaks rather ofa budget of 3000 euros and specifies that it is necessary to count the cost of an office of studies or even the routing of the material. In any case, keep in mind that the price of the quote varies depending on the length of reach.

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How to enhance or otherwise remove the trace of a load-bearing wall?

During the design phase, you need to think about how you want to treat this wall. Rather make it disappear ? Or to emphasize it on the contrary? Interior designer Olivia Clor notes a strong tendency to hide this existing. This is most often in the creating a formwork or false ceiling. But it is also possible to treat the former carrier by choosing, for example, an aesthetic at the IPN round, I, H; Or to apply an aged effect patina to give another dimension to the atmosphere of your home. The new opening can be painted, and the flooring recovery treated as a line of cement tiles.

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In short, what must be done to succeed?

Olivia Clor and Antoine Schott are unanimous, the important thing is to surround yourself with qualified professionals, from the design phase to the works. The company mandated to perform them must, among other things, set up a battery of shoring during the opening in order toavoid a possible collapse. So a tip, if you have to choose it yourself, read about his previous achievements to give you an idea of ​​its competence for this type of work. You will also need be patient if you live in co-ownership because the process is long and sometimes delicate. Each project is unique and nothing is unfeasible, so if your budget allows, consider removing a wall as a revival of your interior.

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Implementation of shoring during the execution phase.

Olivia Clor Agency