Create a desk corner in a small space


Create a desk corner in a small space


Inspiration Pinterest Apartments and small houses already suffer from a lack of space, so dedicating an entire room to the office is complicated. However, a few square meters are enough to create a functional office area and we will prove it to you! Drawn from Pinterest, these offices offer tips and tricks that will help you install a work surface where you can.

Everyone needs a home office, but difficult to reconcile a small space with a surface to work. Under the stairs, in the attic, in a piece of furniture, under a window, regardless of its location as the office area enjoys a beautiful brightness and remains synonymous with practicality. Reconcile yourself with these abandoned corners of the apartment, these quirky corners of the house and these unused niches of the studio, they could well transform into an office optimized.

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1. Lay out the office under the eaves

Investing the attic is THE good idea to develop a corner office in a house. Not only does this solution free up space in the living room, it also creates a room in its own right. As we spend a lot of time sitting in front of the office, the ceiling height does not need to be optimal. Add to that compact furnituretable-top trestles and stackable chairs, and the office space fits under the roof!

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Alun Callender

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2. Put the desk in the closet

This arrangement may seem surprising and yet it offers an undeniable gain of space: lock the desk in a closet. Here, the office is hidden in the dressing room, but it is possible to imagine the same system with a storage height or even an integrated closet. The important? Evaluate the capacity of the cupboard before installing anything: it is better to turn to a removable shelf and a bench or stool as a seat.


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3. Inviting a desk corner in the room

Small room or single sleeping area? Do not panic, you can set up an office in all the small spaces, it is enough to adapt the template. Turn to square tables or shelves to be fixed directly to the wall: they release the floor space and offer a more airy silhouette. The narrow but long desks have the advantage of slipping against a wall or under a window without disturbing the circulation of the room. Ingenious.

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4. Slide the desk under the mezzanine

Small, we all dreamed of a bed in height to be able to install below a cabin. The years go by but the mezzanine remains a remarkable asset and the cozy corner turns into a work space. Slide his desk under the mezzanine is a good way to renovate a child's room but also to develop a riquiqui studio. Covered with a white monochrome, the mezzanine and the office area gain in brightness, even placed in a recess like this one.


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5. Invest the window sill with a booster desk

In the living room, the bedroom, the kitchen or the entrance ... the difficulty is not to choose the room where to install a corner office but to find the best positioning. It is imperative to favor an exhibition, preferably natural, the workspace requiring good brightness. Near a bay window or window sill, the office invests any hidden angle from the inside. Bathed in light, the office area becomes a pleasant surface to work, read or entertain.

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6. Hang the desk as a shelf

In a corridor or on the landing, it is possible to install a corner office comfortable enough. With a little ingenuity and a wooden shelf, the timeless String Pocket shelf transforms into a down-to-earth practical work support. The upper shelves serve as storage for the files while the lower part serves as a desk. An extra space saving trick? Choose a swivel tablet to fold down the office part once you leave this space.

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7. Take advantage of a niche to create an office area

As recessed in the wall, the office area enjoys a privileged little cocoon. The dark blue paint filled the walls and spread over all the furniture, reinforcing the impression of a separate room for the office. This dark tone is an assumed bias for an isolated office area and makes it stand out from the pristine corridor. Ultra optimized, the office has transformed the two integrated niches into extra libraries. Malin!

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8. Optimize the entrance with a desk

Every corner of your interior is a surface that can accommodate a desk, provided you adopt the right layout. The entrance is a room often devoid of function, that you can without problem turn into corner office. To do this, forget the classic furniture - too big in a reception area - opt for a suspended secretary or hang a tablet squarely against the wall. A pencil pot, a stool and what to plug a computer, your office is ready!


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9. Install a desk under the stairs

This is a surface that we do not often know what to do and yet the basement of the staircase represents unexploited square meters! Duplex apartment and small house will find a cozy and secluded corner to install an office. Do not neglect comfort, the cramped surface must be sufficiently lighted with suspensions, sconces or bedside lamps. Above all, be sure to brighten up the space by decorating the walls with frames or photographs.

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10. Give a place of choice to the office in the kitchen

Surprising but to say the least ingenious, the office is essential even in the kitchen. Of course, you do not have to mix the preparation surface with the workspace, just to avoid splashing the computer or the files. Determine the desk area on a remote worktop from the oven and sink and bring accessories that sets it apart from the kitchen, like a moodboard or a side light. Proof that the kitchen is also a multifunctional room.

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