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For beautiful plants, straw!

Mulching Naturasol coconut shells, 12 liter bag, 9,95 euros, Algoflash


Too many weeds, tired of watering constantly, tired of seeing his plants uproot? Just mulch. Zoom express ...

That's it, we learned the lesson! Mulching allows less watering, limits the proliferation of weeds and protects the roots of temperature fluctuations ... But, we must admit, mulches are not always the best effect.

Also, we adopt this new mulch composed of coconut husks (defibrated, crushed and sifted), which, we are assured, is almost rot-proof and does not fly. Above all, it has the advantage of having a neutral pH and can, unlike pine bark, be deployed everywhere. Still, if you put on all your flower beds, the bill can quickly climb because, to be effective, it must be spread in a thick layer.