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All about the apple tree, the perfect fruit tree

All about the apple tree, the perfect fruit tree

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The Apple tree is the fruit tree that everyone dreams of for their garden. Easy to maintainhe gives crops for many years. Native to Central Asia, the apple tree has been planted for hundreds of years in European orchards. Some apple species are grown for their fruits and others only for their spring bloom. Apple trees, or malus in Latin also give a beautiful blooming white or pink followed by a fructification of August, for the early varieties, to November for the winter apples. Rustic, this tree resists cold well and frost. He enjoys free and well-drained lands. Prefer for him a place in the sun, sheltered from the wind.

The Apple tree is a tree, or shrubwho likes all gardens, big and small. Hundreds of varieties of apple trees have been developed by horticulturists over the years and offer a wide choice of apples: big chews, little ones to cook ... there is something for all tastes. Our practical tips will help novice and experienced gardeners to successfully grow the apple tree in their garden and on their terrace.

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Apple plantation

To effectively plant an apple tree, choose a place in partial shade or in full sun. Avoid too many areas exposed to the north and east winds. Then choose a tree shape that fits the surface of your garden. Opt for half-stems or quarter stems for low apple trees that you can easily harvest apples. Reserve high stems with very large orchards. An Apple tree half-stem can reach 3 to 5 meters after ten years. Plant your apple tree in autumn when the earth is still hot. Dig a hole (at least three times wider than the root ball) in a rich and well-drained soil. Add compost to the bottom of the hole, then install the tree in the center with a guard to hold it in place. Fill the hole with soil enriched with potting soil. Do not tamp too much, especially if your land is a bit heavy. Water copiously.

Potted apple tree, care tips

There are now apple trees in columns or in dwarf bushes very suitable for planting in large pots. Some can be installed in espalier in bins on a terrace. Think about drainage with a thick layer of gravel in the bottom of the bins. Enrich the earth with compost and water it to promote the fruiting of your tree.

Size and maintenance of the apple tree

The Apple tree is getting fat in winter, out of frost period, before the departure of vegetation. For tree apples use a long, clean pruning shears. Clean it with alcohol to burn between each tree to prevent the spread of disease. First cut the dead, weak or misplaced branches. Then reduce the branches that have carried apples by one third and also cut the very straight branches without leaves. Then cut the branches that grow inwards from the tree and those that grow towards the ground. At the moment the apples appear, practice fruit unmarking : keep only one fruit out of two. Pinch the future apple without dropping the other fruits. These will have room to grow.

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Watering and apple fertilizer

Generously water each apple tree once a week, during the first year of planting, between April and October. Space the waterings from the second year of planting. Straw the foot of the apple trees to limit the growth of the grass. In autumn, bring a organic fertilizer around the foot of the apple tree and scratch the floor.

Diseases and parasites affecting the apple tree

The apple tree like most fruit trees attracts pests and some insects. Prevent harm by watering it properly and remember the fertilizer in the fall. In early spring, spray it with organic fungicides. Stop all treatments when the fruits begin to ripen.

To know about the apple tree

The apple tree is the emblematic tree of the Garden of Eden or paradise. Its traces are found in Persia and Siberia where some varieties produce mini yellow apples that feed the animals.

Apple varieties to choose

Enjoy your garden to plant trees whose fruits are not commercially available. Adopt the apple tree Calville du Roi : his apples with tender flesh and a little tart were the favorites of Louis XIV. Or the apple tree Pretty woodits exquisite red apples are harvested in October and can be stored all winter long. For the late-summer compotes, install the apple tree Transparent Croncels. Its fruits are very juicy.

Gardener's tip on the apple tree

Plant several varieties of apple trees to allow effective pollination and a good fructification.