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What paint to repaint the living room?

Moon Shadow 261 and Slaked Lime Deep 150 painting, Little Greene.

Little Greene

The painting of the salon bears no fault of taste or lack of application: it sets the tone of the house, because it is the most popular room, the one that welcomes guests. Tips for successful deco with a painting salon.

For a high-performance salon painting

- Provide an underlay, which is essential for painting, especially on porous surfaces such as cellular concrete or old plaster. On a support in good condition and already painted, a diluted paint can take the place of underlayment. An opaque underlay facilitates the transition to a lighter color.

To achieve a sustained shade, there are colored underlays, which print better color and save a layer of paint.

- Do not rely on "monolayer" paints: a single layer does not give the full intensity of a painting salon, but 2 layers are enough, even for intense colors, where a 3rd would have been necessary with a paint less rich. - For walls as for the ceiling, choose an acrylic paint: easy to apply, and dry in a few hours, it emits little odor and contains low doses of solvent. Its pigments are resistant to time: no risk of yellowing the walls.- A little more expensive, so-called "natural" paints are ideal for painting a living room: solvents based on turpentine or only water, natural oils for binders, pigments of vegetable or mineral origin. No noxious fumes, no smell after drying, and the best hiding power.

Note: There are special ceiling paints, stained on application and bleaching on drying; they make it possible to identify the brush strokes and to standardize the flat areas in spite of a less comfortable position.

Matte or satin finish for a living room painting

The living room painting is not subject to projections and variations in humidity or temperature, the choice of finish is quite free. A matte finish absorbs light and maintains a cozy atmosphere; washable with a dampened sponge, it has the advantage of masking the defects of the wall.

For a brighter living room paint, a satin finish fits perfectly, with the advantage of supporting a real leaching detergent products. The glossy finishes are the most durable, but require flawless support in this room exposed to all eyes.

Decorating ideas with a painting for living room

The color of the living room painting sets the scene for a whole personal universe: furniture and armchairs, paintings and lighting stand out differently depending on the setting. Acrylic side, the palette of colors allows to decline all the ideas of painting salon; for natural paints, it is more limited.

The colors of traditional living room paintings ranging from beige to white fit a classic or zen inspired decoration. Strong shades give a more marked character to the salon. For an ethnic interior, African masks and artisanal drapes, choose warm colors, blends of red, brown, golden yellow or ocean blue. For a touch of Asia, dark browns and reds. Shades of dark browns and greens go with an English club style, comfortable leather sofas and polished wood paneling.