The green attitude inspires the decor of the show


The green attitude inspires the decor of the show

H & M Home

Centerpiece of the house, the salon gets a makeover this summer. In the summer, the colors are more natural, they evoke the leaves, trees, flowers, and bring in a zen atmosphere in this privileged space. Like a back to basics, the show trades synthetic materials for primary textures and plays it green. When nature comes to the show ...

Braided rattan, veined wood, cozy cotton and even terracottanatural materials are needed in the living room. Nordic, ethnic or exotic inspiration, all styles agree on the return of nature in the decor, as evidenced by the craze for indoor plants. Few things are enough to bring freshness to the living room. It's time to go green with our selection of decor for a living room that smells like summer!

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1. The prints land on the living room couch

True centerpiece of the show, the sofa sets the tone for the rest of the decor. So when the plant prints break on the textiles of the house, the sofa does not escape the trend. At Ikea, the tropical leaves take on a large format to breathe an exotic note into the living room. In black and white, the sofa retains a hint of sobriety that tempers the character of its print. Exotic.

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Two seater sofa Avsiktlig white and black, W 177 x H 66 x D 88, 249 euros. At Ikea, Avsiktlig collection.


2. A cotton carpet for my living room green

Even in the summer season, the living room must remain a cocoon room. To maintain the cozy atmosphere of this space, think of carpets made of natural materials. Cotton, jute, wicker, there are all kinds to satisfy the comfort of your feet! This model, taken from H & M Home, surfs the ethnic trend with its graphic print. In total black and white look, the carpet does not detract from the atmosphere of the living room and responds simply to the beige wicker baskets.

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Cotton motif rug, 140 x 200, 69.99 euros at H & M Home.

H & M Home

3. A wooded sofa end in the living room

Mounted on wheels, this sofa moves to the urge. In total woody look, it plays the card of simplicity and integrates without difficulty to more or less marked interiors. You can use it as a coffee table or side table, its size makes it an ally of small spaces. Above all, its light shade brings a zen note in the living room.

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Jade wood end table, 60 x 60 x 34, 239 euros at H & H.

H & H

4. Authentic accessories to dress up the living room

Nature down to the smallest detail, the salon refines its style with accessories in terracotta, wood or rattan. Primary materials and clean forms, vases, dishes and other magazine racks play the card of authenticity. As a return to basics, decorative objects are a palette of light shades, sand, earth and rust. Soothing.

Decorative vase shaped green bottle, 10 x 10 x 60, 45.99 euros. Decorative vase in the shape of a blue bottle, 6 x 6 x 35, 22,99 euros. Rattan magazine rack, 55 x 47 x 44, 45.99 euros. Cement paper press, from 17.99 euros. Decorative centerpiece carved wood, 59.99 euros.

Zara Home

5. A velvety chair in the summer living room

Yes, the velvet remains a flagship material of the show even during the beautiful season. Velvet maintains the cocooning spirit of the living room. If nature invests the relaxation area of ​​the house, it does not neglect the comfort. The velvety seats like to get married to the wooded furniture. At Sostrene Grene, the material comes to the salon seats in spring colors such as emerald, pink, mouse gray or khaki.

Wooden shelf, 175 x 65 x 17, available in two colors, 44.64 euros. Velvet seat, available in five colors, 52.88 euros.

Sostrene Grene

6. The living room likes to accumulate wooded shelves

On the walls of the living room too, nature takes back its rights! Right here, the wooden shelves come to energize the white case who welcome them and bring a graphic touch to the partitions. Running from one wall to another, the wood maintains the Scandinavian spirit of the living room. It only remains to dress these shelves of houseplants and accessories to complete the decor.

Custom wall shelves with oak wall shelves 90 x 23,5, 18,90 euros; 150 x 40 square brackets, 4.40 euros and aluminum shelves fittings, 23.5 x 2, 10.30 euros at Leroy Merlin.

Leroy Merlin

7. Nature cushions for a green lounge

A few touches of green are enough to introduce a natural atmosphere in the living room. On the cushions, plain colors and vegetal motifs mix. Ultra-economical, textiles can revisit all the decor of your living room. The effect will be even more successful if you combine these summer cushions with a chair in leather slats. For a living room in the colonial era.

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Cushions plain and printed, from 4 euros at Primark.


8. A daybed for a living room as well as outside

The benches are back at the show! Inspired by cots and outdoor furniture, the daybed is installed in the living room in addition to or as a replacement for the sofa. As comfy as you want, the bench loves dark colors, from aubergine to midnight blue to mouse gray. His bench silhouette gives him a nice outdoor look to wake up your home. The detail that charms us? The pink leather straps, the opulent touch of this piece of furniture all in elegance.

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Wool day bed in wool, nylon and polyester, W 190 x H 42 x D 80, € 1,699, Ferm Living.

Ferm Living

9. A rattan suspension that illuminates the living room

The flagship of the season, rattan is everywhere, even in the living room! If the total look scares you, opt for an accessory. The suspension Maisons du Monde is a good compromise, its openwork silhouette brings lightness to the material and its natural color does not lose the seal of rattan. A fixture that goes well with wicker baskets or velvet sofas with ease.

Rattan suspension 65,95 euros at Maisons du Monde.

Houses of the world

10. A wooden console in the living room

What's better than a touch of wood to bring a natural touch to the living room? Installed against a wall or behind a sofa, a console in oak or walnut can warm the atmosphere of the entire living room. However, choose a furniture with slender lines that lighten the material. The main advantage of wood? As it comes in a wide range of species, it is easy to find a shade in keeping with the rest of your decor.

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Liu desk-console, solid oak and varnish finish, L 140 x H 76 x D 40, 399 euros. Mirror Tarsil, natural rattan or stained black, 65 euros round shape, 95 euros the rectangular shape at AM.PM.


11. The summer lounge welcomes indoor plants

To bring fresh air to the living room, the obvious thing is to install indoor plants. Become a must have decoration, the vegetation, mini or maxi version, is also needed in the living room. Do not neglect the pots and planters that will house the houseplants, and choose silvery, golden or colorful notes that reflect the light. Installed on a coffee table or window sill, they give the impression of bringing the garden inside. A hint of greenery and the living room becomes nature!

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Golden vase in metal, 35 euros at House Doctor.

House Doctor

12. A low table braided in my living room green

At Ikea, rattan settles where it was not expected. With its braided tray, the coffee table Stockholm explores all the possibilities of the material. Ajouré, the rattan gains in lightness. Mostly, its light shade maintains the spirit of nature and instills a serene atmosphere in the living room. A beautiful combination of originality and authenticity.

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Stockholm coffee table, rattan, 129 euros.