Salon: 10 ideas for a bluffing and fast makeover


Salon: 10 ideas for a bluffing and fast makeover

Gaelle Le Boulicaut / M Nuance

Like a seasonal reflex, we like revamp the salon sometimes. And against all odds, vary style, the atmosphere or the dominant colors of a living room is not always synonymous with big construction. No need to change the sofa or the coffee table for change the look of the show ! Nevertheless before attacking the makeover, always think of making a hint of emptiness to make room for newcomers ... Once a little uncluttered, the living room is adorned with a other atmosphere with some strong pieces. Paint, carpet or mirror, draw among 10 ideas to bring a new breath of fresh air to the show.

Room to live in the heart of the house, the living room is a place where we like to spend time. To meet, discuss, drink coffee, work or lounging, all the excuses are good to linger a little in the living room. And this piece is even more enjoyable if it follows our desires and adapts to our lives made of perpetual changes. A salon makeover is often welcome in the new season. If the budget is not expandable, some tips can give a different style to stay without changing all the furniture. Follow 10 timeless or trendy ideas, minimalist or imposing but all bluffantes for revamp a living room with little and in minutes.

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1. A plant wall for a bit of nature in the living room

No matter the season, it is always very nice to have some vegetation inside the house and especially in the living room. Above a piece of furniture, on a white or colored wall, hang several glass frames with a metal outline for an industrial retro style. Inside these frames, slide wild-collected leaves of different sizes and shapes, taking care not to let air through to preserve the green appearance of the plants.

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Set of two frames in glass and black metal with small chains, small size L 14 x H 18 cm, large size L 18 x H 14 cm, 23,90 euros, Hübsch at Decoclico.fr.


2. Painting for an express salon makeover

Without completely repainting the entire living room, a few touches of color are enough to bring a little character to the room. The idea of ​​this wall with irregular polka dots is based on a jumble of hues in tune with the times. Above the sofa or the fireplace, it's a way to add a little fancy to the living room. In DIY stores or paint manufacturers, draw from a panel of samples that are sufficient to paint a small area like this. And if you have the fear of getting tired, a stroke of white paint erases everything!

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Colors of the walls: Terraces d'Orient Intense (range Colors of the World), infinite white (range Color Resist). And pea colors: Cashmere Brown, Retro Yellow, Mocha Latte, Pine Needles, Sweet Almond (Color Cream range) and Deep Green (Color Resist range), Intense Oriental Terraces (Color range of the World). Cream of Color, 0,5 liter, 18,95 euros, Color Resist 1 liter, 25,90 euros, Colors of the World, 0,5 liter, 18,95 euros, Dulux Valentine.

Dulux Valentine

3. Cushions in a cocoon salon

Essential in the makeover of the living room, the cushions can be changed very often thanks to their low prices. Depending on your style or color desires, they follow the trend with a choice of fabric, shapes, sizes and colors to infinity. The cushions also have the advantage of creating a comfortable space, a cozy sofa area. To keep a beautiful set on the sofa, prefer to renew the cushions by bunch. Remember to maintain them by washing them regularly and storing them when they are no longer used to bring them out in a while.

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Calvi cushion covers, 100% linen, white color, 40 x 60 cm, 18 euros; Calvi cushion cover, 100% linen, natural color, 40 x 40 cm, 16 euros; Kandji cushion cover, 100% linen, petrol color, 40 x 60 cm, 22 euros; Maya cushion covers, 100% linen, celadon color, 45 x 45 cm, 19 euros / 80 x 80 cm, 42 euros, Harmony Textile.

Harmony Textile

4. A design floor lamp to set the tone in the living room

Near the sofa or sideboard, the lamp is a strong light in the living room. It deserves to be chosen carefully to ensure the style created. In a contemporary or colorful living room, we put on a lamp ultra design lines worked. It catches the eye without weighing down the decoration. As it is a limited-wear piece, it can be an opportunity to indulge yourself with a quality fixture.

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Kinetic floor lamp / reading lamp, base diam. 40 cm, mast diam. 20 cm and counterweight in satin black lacquered steel. Mast in 3 parts of which 2 hinged, shades orientable to 360 °. Black textile cable. Black on-board dimmer switch, equipped with a 20 W Led module emitting 2100 lumens, energy class A + equivalent 150 W, L 120/170 x D 40 x H 160/231 cm, 895 euros, Ligne Roset.

Ligne Roset

5. Curtains for dressing up a living room at a glance

Flagship element in the makeover of the living room, the curtains are not just there to dress the windows. By their size, often imposing, and the chosen fabric, they bring a certain style to the piece. If you have a desire for colors or patterns, it's time to let go! The creators like to give free rein to their imagination for models of character. Stack in the trend, the brown rose gives a feeling of warm living room and agrees with many shades.

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Oscar Litchi curtain, in half-grain (55% linen / 45% cotton) and with 2 hanging systems: with clips (not included) or sheath, made in Portugal, 140 x 280 cm, 99 euros, La Cerise on the Cake.

Dorian Rollin / The Cherry on the cake

6. Nice mirrors and a bright living room makeover

In the living room, the mirrors optimize the natural light and enlarge the space. If your living room is dark or a little narrow to your taste, opt for a wall of mirrors to benefit more light. The living room looks suddenly bigger! Play on the accumulation with irregular mirrors for a guaranteed style. Before installing them, take care of the reflections of the mirrors so as not to be bothered afterwards.

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Mirrors cut and beveled by hand, packed in boxes made by hand to measure, left: Mir06, 47 x 50 cm, 230 euros; top right: Mir08, 100 x 60 cm, 530 euros; below: Mir07, 55 x 40 cm, 230 euros, M Nuance.

Gaelle Le Boulicaut / M Nuance

7. A fireplace in my living room

Suitable for long winter evenings, the fireplace has something to dream ... Without needing a real, a mantel is enough to create a warm atmosphere. Add a bright garland and some candles to refine the atmosphere!

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Freeport white decorative fireplace mantel, H 99 x W 111 x D 23 cm, 199 euros, Maisons du Monde.

Houses of the world

8. An outdoor carpet for a nomad lounge

Declined in all styles, the rug is the strong piece of fashion house right now. We like its warm side for a living room. With a carpet, the room immediately takes a pampering air. According to the desires, we opt for a Berber carpet, a Kilim or a natural fiber carpet for a trendy nomad side. And contrary to what we imagine, the carpet is not necessarily placed under the coffee table or the dining room table. It is highlighted in a corner without furniture, surrounded by chairs or sofa ends, and invites a friendly moment with some cushions on the floor.

Mauritanian mats, hand weaving, palm wood and camel leather, rare model, from 1,200 euros, Holiday home.

Olivier Fritze / Holiday Home

9. A graphic wallpaper relooks a living room design

Thanks to the fashion of the wallpaper, one dares to display the most staggered motives on the walls. In the living room, wallpaper is a fast and stunning way to revamp the room. We leave aside his apprehensions and put on a strong motive to create a show with a strong character.

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Modular eclectic wallpaper inspired by distinctive motifs, Figura collection, rolls of 10,05 mx 0,70 m, glue for non-woven wallpapers like Arte Clearpro, or Special Metylan (200 g in 4 l of water) with the addition of 20 % PVA glue (white glue for wallpapers), 129 euros per roll (18.34 euros per square meter), Arte International.

Arte International

10. Another living room with a photograph

Far from the simple poster, the numbered photograph brings a touch of art in the living room. It is also an opportunity to invite those who contemplate a moment of escape. Extend the summer, bring a little nature in the living room or emphasize a moment frozen, photography allows all the desires. It is chosen according to the colors present in the living room (in adequacy or in rupture, as here) and must be framed with care for a result decoration.

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Photograph Los Angeles Palm Trees by Flora David, several sizes and finishes of your choice, 50 x 70 cm and black aluminum frame, 145 euros, David & David Studio.

David & David Studio