The jungle invites itself in my decor


The jungle invites itself in my decor

Houses of the world

And if we transformed our interior into a real urban jungle? With some floral cushions, objects from the tropics or rattan furniture, the decor goes into holiday mode in the middle of the Amazon rainforest, trendy for spring.

Palm leaves, rattan furniture and some decorative accessories, here is the recipe for a trendy urban jungle interior. Pick from our selection of 12 shopping ideas to create a tropical decor at home.

1. Dress the terrace of a rattan lounge chair

This lounge chair invites you to relax on the terrace. Covered with cushions and plaids cozy and flowery, it is installed both outside and in the living room to give a tropical style to your home.

In picture : Rattan armchair, price NC. Green plaid, 150x125 cm, 86 euros. Broste Copenhagen.

Broste Copenhagen

2. Add a jungle wallpaper wallpaper

To move to the tropical decor, nothing like a wallpaper to cover part of the walls of the living room. Here, combined with a deep yellow, it energizes the space and highlights vintage furniture and decorative cushions.

In picture : Jungle Fever Intensity, 18.90 euros for a roll of 52 cm x 10 m, 4murs.


3. Innovate with tropical flower pots

For a trendy decor, finished flower pots in earth or plastic, we choose models basket version. United or two-colored, these models in natural material combine perfectly with plants reminiscent of the tropical jungle.

In picture : Baskets, bamboo, set of 3 Ø30xH30cm, Ø36xH30,5 and Ø41xH35 cm, 199 euros. Baskets two colors in raffia, set of 2, Ø40,5xH39 and Ø37xH34 cm, 195 euros. Bloomingville.


4. Vintage mirror for jungle decor in the living room

If the vintage sun mirror is on the rise, it also helps to create a tropical atmosphere in the living room. Combined with other rattan elements and colors inspired by nature (green, yellow, gray), it pimente the wall decor of the living room.

In picture : Round rattan mirror, D50 cm, 34.99 euros. Black ivory braided basket, 8.99 euros. Houses of the world.

Houses of the world

5. Jungle decor with plant-inspired cushions

Without opting for the total look, the atmosphere of the living room can move to the urban jungle with palm print cushions. If in addition, we opt for rattan suspensions and a seagrass carpet, the trick is played.

In picture : Saskia cushion cover, rectangular pattern, printed, 60 x 40 cm, 35 euros. Saskia cushion cover, square pattern, ecru / green, 45 x 45 cm, 35 euros. AM.PM.


6. Amazon jungle atmosphere in the bathroom

No, we're not talking about the steam created by your boiling shower in the morning but of this original shower curtain. With its verdant jungle motif, it transports us to the middle of the Amazon rainforest for a shower.

In picture : Shower curtain, 180x200 cm, 24.99 euros, H & M Home.

H & M Home

7. Going to the tropics with a fancy blue armchair and a pineapple as a light

The jungle decor also imagines in turquoise colors with this armchair that invites to travel. With the matching coffee table, it makes a perfect spot to relax in the lounge or on the terrace. On the wall, the applique shaped pineapple delight young and old for a decor full of pep.

In picture : Garden chair, structure in black epoxy steel, gradient blue, L85xH 98,5xD84 cm, 149,99 euros. Pineapple Lamp, Led, H32xL16,5 cm, 15,99 euros. Garden table, frame in black epoxy steel, tempered glass top 5 mm thick, braided finish in polyethylene ls, blue gradient, D42xH. 47x60 cm, 49.99 euros. All Purpose.


8. Parrots on the edge of the fireplace for an interior from the jungle

Bring a jungle spirit in all discretion, it is possible with these original bookends. The animals of the jungle are now responsible for decorating the fireplace while adding a touch of brightness with their golden color.

In picture : Parrots bookends, H22xL15xP12 cm, 57 euros, Mia Flowers.

Mia Flowers

9. Jungle decor: add a colorful cushion

For an Amazonian forest atmosphere in the house, opt for this cushion jungle spirit from Madura. Its printed palm leaf and exotic animals brings freshness to your decor.

In picture : "Tropical" cushion cover, 40x40 cm, 39 euros, Madura.


10. Exotic decor with this rattan suspension

For a jungle spirit delicacy, this XXL rattan suspension is perfect. With some rattan furniture and green plants, the living room becomes a real little paradise.

In picture : Rattan suspension, 145 euros, Hübsch.


11. Decorative accessories for jungle atmosphere

For those who do not have the green thumb, these small decorative cacti are recommended. In white, green or gold, plants invite you into your home without having to worry about it, practical!

In picture : Pineapple laid, Ø9xH24 cm, 33 euros. Cactus and succulent, Ø13xH23 and Ø16,5xH17 cm, 18 euros. Bloomingville.


12. Jungle decor with this vintage armchair and rattan floor lamp

For the less adventurous, this round rattan armchair and matching floor lamp add a tropical touch to your home. Mixed with spikes of black and vegetables, a soft exotic atmosphere settles in your home.

In photo: Round rattan armchair Kubu Dutchbone, 239 euros. Floor lamp three legs Arabica Dutchbone wood, 269 euros. 3 Swiss.

3 Swiss