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A small pool at the right size

A small pool at the right size


Geometric lines or sinuous curves? Choosing the design of your small pool is a matter of style, budget ... and terrain. Advantages and disadvantages of four shapes in the air.

Build a small freeform pool

This is the custom pool par excellence. Its outlines marry the natural and architectural reliefs for a perfect integration into the landscape. It allows to juxtapose several areas in the same space: playing pool, diving board, relaxation bench with spa ... You can also create an infinity pool: the water then flows on one side of the basin without a coping. Its fluid curves facilitate the flow of water to the filter and simplify the work of robot cleaners. In a ready-to-install version (polyester monohull or panels), it is more affordable but limited to a few standardized models. The most creative option is by far the concrete pool - notably screened (Diffazur) - which offers a total freedom of shapes and sizes.

With its sober and gentle curves, this infinity pool seems to have always been part of the landscape. In gunite (shotcrete), it is coated with white plaster, a coating based on cement and crystals of Carrara marble, and its borders are made of Cretan stone. Submerged beach, spa area. 9 x 4 m, bottom sloping from 1 to 1.50 m. Price on request, Diffazur.


Constructed of corrugated steel panels, this pool kit is equipped with a "Marbella" liner which gives the water an intense sapphire blue color. A relaxation area heated to 34 ° C is installed next to the stairs ("Escaform"). L 9.30 x l from 3 to 5.60 m, "Céline", 9425 euros (excluding options and installation), Waterair.


Lush decor for this infinity pool in concrete coated with a sand-colored coating. Its undulating contours marry the vegetation. L 9,74 x l from 2,84 to 4,25 m, creation Aqua diffusion, price on estimate, blue Square.

F. Deladerrière

Build a small square pool

Innovative, the square format breaks the codes of the pool. Particularly adapted to the urban environment, it lodges itself in a courtyard, a terrace or a small garden. Its compact size is perfect when square meters are counted. In miniature version, it is economical to use (reduced water treatment and heating costs). Whether made to measure or proposed as a kit, the saloon is often well equipped: submerged beach, swimming countercurrent, balneotherapy bench, etc.

Kind of mix between the spa and the pool, he plays thoroughly the card of relaxation. Often without border, minimalist decor, its dimensions start at 2 x 2 m to reach 3 x 3 m, 4 x 4 m, even 6 x 6 m. Another advantage: below 10 m2, no prior administrative steps are necessary to build a small pool.

The new "Quadra" swimming pool, made of galvanized steel panels, is covered with a gray liner and equipped with a square staircase and LED floodlights. Flat bottom. Margins and gray tiling optional. Exists in 4 x 4 m, 5 x 5 m and 6 x 6 m, and 2 depths (1.20 m or 1.50 m). 7890 euros (excluding assembly, excluding installation), Aquilus.

F. Deladerrière

This 5.04-meter pool in northern red pine has a slate gray liner and is flanked by a terrace and Ipe surrounds. Well seen, the stairs all width and the water slide. "Bo5.5", from 10 532 euros, Piscinelle.


This small concrete square of 2.80 m side, flat bottom (1.45 m), is dressed with bronze green mosaic tiles. Inserted in a wide wooden beach, it has a heater and a security blanket. He settles down without prior declaration of work or building permit. Realization Swimming Pools & Watering Dumont, architects Tequi-Pointeau (Troyes), price on request, Blue square.

Blue square

Build a swim lane

Formerly reserved for pools "hard" (Blue Square, Diffazur ...), the swimming lane is democratized with the arrival of models in kit (Caron Pools, Piscinelle ...). It is chosen for lengths, but also for its simple aesthetic, graphic and elegant, or because the terrain lends itself to it. It is the champion of space saving and integration. However, do not plan to make it a playground for children: it is too narrow. Atypical, the swim lane is longer (10 to 25 m) than wide (1.6 to 4.5 m).

Warning : to swim comfortably, plan a minimum length of 12 to 15 m. You can equip it like a traditional basin (staircase, shutter or tarpaulin, swimming counter-current, overflow, etc.).

This narrow basin (12 x 2 m) made of reinforced concrete fits perfectly into the ipé terrace of this modern-looking Finnish house. The white army membrane covering it gives the water a crystalline appearance. Equipped with a heating system and a submerged shutter, he won the Silver Trophy category "Family swimming pool angular" awarded by the Federation of professionals pool (FPP). Price on estimate, realization DP swimming pools (pool L'Esprit swimming pool).

DP Pools / Pool Spirit

This wooden structure swim lane is available in 6 sizes (from 10.5 x 3 m to 25.50 x 4.75 m) and 3 depths (1.25, 1.36 or 1.47 m). Here, it measures 20 x 3.75 m and we chose a slate gray liner and natural stone curbs. "Cn20", from 36 016 euros, Piscinelle.


Charm and authenticity for this model of 10 x 2.50 m (formwork in polypropylene and reinforced concrete) installed in a city garden. With black liner, masonry corner staircase and elevated edge of natural stone. Price on request, Desjoyaux.


Build a small rectangular pool

This is the most classic and easiest form of swimming pool. The rectangle allows all manufacturing techniques and all dimensions (from 7 x 3 to 12 x 6 m on average). Family pool, it is convenient for laps and can accommodate a small bath for children, with a sloping bottom (80 to 180 cm).

This format also facilitates the installation of comfort equipment for the pool (electric roller shutter, automatic treatment system, lighting, swimming against the current, etc.). Amateur clean lines? Focus on gray tones (interior and exterior coatings) and the mirror effect (overflow over the entire periphery). If you prefer the more classic atmospheres, opt for elevated curbs and green tones, very trendy.

This 15.5 x 7 m gunite pond (shotcrete) has mirrored edges: the water overflows the basin to immerse the black lava stone copings. It is coated with dark gray plaster, a cement-based plaster and Carrara marble crystals, and its beaches are made of Marbreline, an aggregate of natural marble rolled and resin, available in many colors. Sloping bottom, from 1.20 to 2.20 m. Price on request, Diffazur.


Bright and trendy white color for this pool monohull kit of 10.30 x 4.30 m, flat bottom (1.55 m). Also available in blue, beige and gray. Numerous options: overflow, mirror effect, rolling shutter ... "Bendor", from 20000 excluding installation and earthmoving costs, Generation Pool.

Pool Generation

Discreet and graphic, this pool of 11 x 4 m reinforced concrete panels is covered with mosaic. Without a coping, it is equipped with a safety shutter and a submerged beach covered with a Ipe grating. Price on request, Caron Swimming Pools.

Jean-Michel Regent / Caron Swimming Pools