From 1,000 to 15,000 euros: what price for a pleasure pool?


From 1,000 to 15,000 euros: what price for a pleasure pool?


Want a pool despite a limited budget or one little garden ? Above ground pool, swimming pool in shell, in kit or even mini buried basin, from 1,000 to 15,000 euros, solutions are not lacking for spend the summer in the water.

A swimming pool for a budget of 1,000 to 15,000 euros : it is now possible, builders and installers who have made every effort to democratize the world of the pool. Above ground pool, swimming pool in shell, in kit to assemble oneself or XS basin, heading to the bathing at affordable prices.

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The swimming pool-ground: ready to dive from 1 000 euros

Supplied as a kit, this octagonal above-ground pool is equipped with a filtration without piping. Margins in teak. From 4291 euros. Desjoyeaux.


Affordable price, easy assembly, possibility to decide at the last moment, the above-ground pools are not lacking in benefits. For a really tight budget, we opt for a tubular above-ground pool : formed of a liner that will rest on metal tubes, this pool is installed without work, on a floor simply protected. For 1000 euros, you can buy a rectangular pool of 5 m.

For increased resistance, you need to switch to rigid above-ground pool : the pools to steel wall Many sizes and shapes are cheaper and can really please the whole family because for 2,000 euros, you can access a very large pool of 7 m. They have long been criticized for their lack of aesthetics, this is no longer the case with the development of pools above ground wood that fit perfectly with the landscape, according to Gilles Mouchiroud de Desjoyaux: "The above-ground wooden pools combine aesthetics, quality (they are self-supporting), great resistance and simplicity of implementation.We deliver them in complete kit with a notice which makes it easy to mount them at home, simply provide a horizontal ground and therefore a mortar screed to install them safely and a secure power supply. "

    According to the manufacturers, the price of these wooden pools varies according to the volume of the pool, the quality of the wood, the finishes: it varies between 1,500 euros for softwood models and 7 or 8,000 euros for wooden models exotic. Custom-made prices can go up to 15,000 euros. Finally, since 2013, above ground pools in vibrated concrete panels They are also placed on a concrete screed and display a resistance to any test, for prices ranging from 5,000 to 9,000 euros.

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    An underground pool without work? The pool in the shell less than 15 000 euros

    Carro pool in shell with filtration and maintenance equipment. Delivered and asked about 11,000 euros. Pool Generation.

    Pool Generation

    If you prefer an underground pool, it is also feasible with a budget of less than 15,000 euros. First option, a swimming pool consisting of a hull synthetic material (Polyester, vinyl, fiberglass ...) that arrives at home truck crane, ready to pose. "There is no need for work on this very resistant underground pool, which comes in many forms," ​​explains Michel Houel, CEO of Génération Piscine, one of the European leaders in the shell pool, which is perfectly watertight and does not require installation. of liner and simply installs, once the hole dug, on a bed of gravel. " Goal ? Bathing in a real swimming pool buried three days later.

    Budget side, we can have a pool in shell for € 6,388 at Generation Pool: this price includes filtration and maintenance equipment. Add 500 to 2,000 euros of transport, 3,000 euros of installation and your buried pool is around 11,000 euros.

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    The buried pool kit: it's up!

    Model Eva 8 delivered in kit. Sun: 7.78 x 4.99 m. Free form. With Pacio staircase as standard. 10 190 euros (to ask oneself). Waterair.

    Véronique d'Errico

    If you put your hand to work, you can save 30 to 50% on the price of your buried pool. Some manufacturers now offer kit formulas that allow everyone to ride their pool, provided they are a little handyman. The company Waterair specialized in the pool niche kit: "Our kits provide access to an underground pool for an optimized budget and of course without cutting corners on quality, confirms Jean-Baptiste François, director of marketing and communication Waterair After studying the customer's need (land, location, use), he will be advised of this or that form of pool (this technique allows free forms), such equipment (curbs, projector) and will then receive all the elements of the home kit, the corrugated steel panels to assemble, the liner, the staircase, the filtration but also a personalized assembly manual to its basin.Any question, it can go on our space customer or join professional technicians by phone."

    It takes an average of 2 to 3 weeks and the help of a few friends to mount the swimming pool and kit: once the hole dug, we assemble the panels, we add a staircase, we stabilize the bottom of the basin, then we put the liner (phase for which the customer is usually assisted by Waterair). Prices start at 5,990 euros for an oval basin of 5,16 m x 2,37 m with its scale. At this price, we must add the cost of earthworks. If you feel less sure of yourself, you can also opt for the formula 'service pro' which provides that the customer is assisted for the phases of his choice by a Qualified Professional Waterair: in this case, count 9 690 euros for the model Eva 7 (model of free form of 7.16 x 4.30 m with its Pacio staircase of series) and 2 to 3 000 euros approximately for the assistance according to the chosen options.

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    Inground swimming pool in Annecy, posed by an individual. Model BO3-5. Dimensions: 3, 16 x 3.16 m. Silver Trophy 2015 Pool Trophies of the Federation of Pool Professionals, pool category installed by an individual. 7 502 euros plus: projector, staircase and wall filtering: about 10 000 euros not asked. Piscinelle.


    Other manufacturers also offer self-assembly pools, like Piscinelle, the specialist for the in-ground swimming pool: "Our customers can save up to 10,000 euros by putting their own Piscinelle and buying An underground swimming pool of about 10 m2 for a budget of 10 to 11 000. We offer them a day of training in our school: they will be trained by a professional for a pose really facilitated.

    The 'mini' inground pool: more accessible in price

    A low budget combined with smaller gardens has boosted the installation of smaller pools with 4 x 2 m or 4 x 4 m pools when the standard size of pools is around 8 x 4 m. These smaller pools, far from being cheap pools, require less work and materials, lowering the bill (and the maintenance budget afterwards).

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    For 15,000 euros, with Diffazur Swimming Pools, you can even afford the upscale pool with a gunite basin (reinforced concrete) 4.50 x 2.10 m (surface 9.45 m²), a mineral coating and filtration high-performance (excluding earthworks).

    Diffazur Swimming Pools

    Good to know

    For pools of more than 10 m2 and less than 100 m2, but also for above-ground pools installed for more than 3 months, you must complete a pre-declaration form and submit it to the town hall.

    Launched by the Federation of Pool Professionals (FPP), a quality label has emerged, the label Propolis Today, it brings together more than 200 signatories of a strict charter, creating obligations in terms of information and customer service, quality of work, safety and preservation of the environment. A real guarantee of quality for the consumer who equips himself with a swimming pool.

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