10 dining rooms barter their chairs against benches


10 dining rooms barter their chairs against benches

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Instagram inspiration And if we put the chairs "in the cupboard" in the dining room? Around the table, benches and benches wooden fly! In a friendly spirit, a school atmosphere or a picnic spirit, these long, trendy and warm sitting revamp the dining area with taste. See instead ...

Placed on both sides of the table for a picnic dining room, or replacing some chairs for make the dining area more user-friendly, benches and benches twist the decor. In their juice, the benches breathe a rustic atmosphere into the decor. Dressed in wood and metal, they bring an industrial side to the room. But it is adorned with color, white or cozy plaids they spread all their heat! focus on 10 dining rooms that have adopted the bench around the table !

1. A school bench to give a character to the dining room

Near the immaculate little kitchen, the dining room is no exception to the rule and also dressed in white. In this sober and rustic piece, alone the school bench in wood and metal stands out from the decor and brings a touch of character well dosed. On one side of the table in length, 3 identical chairs line up wisely, while the school bench occupies all the opposite space.

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2. A custom wooden bench in the dining area

Not only this dining room stands out thanks to its bench, but she does not hesitate to play with color to gain personality! Thanks to a green tint of water matching the old furniture of the kitchen, the bench wakes up the classic look of the dining area.

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3. A rustic bench seat for a character dining room

In this dining room bathed in light, the rustic spirit and the country decor mingle brilliantly. Around the large convivial table, ready to welcome a whole host of guests, mismatched chairs and a raw wooden bench animate the decor.

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4. Clean benches around the table

This dining room installed in the kitchen puts on comfortable seats! At the end of the table, a leather chair chairs. On both sides of the white table, two sleek benches impose their style and highlight the furniture. Their wired feet in metal give them a modern and discreet look.

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5. A seat like no other in the dining area

Wicker chairs, wood, metal ... This dining room already dared the mismatched lookbut she crossed another course by adopting a large bench. Thanks to its sober lines and its low height, the bench purifies the very lively decor.

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6. A light wooden bench for a dining room with a natural look

To perfect the total light wood look From this dining room, a bench dressed with the same covering was placed on one side of the table. Low and cleanthe element is barely perceptible behind the large chairs.

7. A cozy banquette for a cozy dining area

For warm up the mood from this immaculate Scandinavian dining area, the white bench was adorned with a large faux fur plaid. In addition to being able to accommodate several guests, the bench is dressed in a cozy "coat" perfect for comfortable meals.

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8. The bench brings contrast to the dining area

Around the table, the seats multiply but are not alike! If on one side the designer chairs have taken place, on the other a large wooden bench brings the conviviality that was missing at this dining area. And since in this space, everything is a matter of contrast, decorative accessories oscillate between surfboard, suspension design and embroidered carpet.

9. A small discreet bench for a mini dining room

This mini wooden bench could not have found a better place! Leaning against the wall in a corner of the room, the bench completes the set of chairs placed around the small dining table. To give it a little relief and comfort, two gray cushions were laid on the seat.

10. Retro atmosphere around the dining table

To complete the vintage look of this office-dining room, an openwork bench in light wood faces two chairs inspired by the fifties. Matching the table and the parquet floor, the bench melts into the decor without losing cachet!