Gîtes and guest rooms: 10 convivial dining rooms


Gîtes and guest rooms: 10 convivial dining rooms

Annick Carle-Roux

Choosing a stay in bed and breakfast is a way to meet around friendly meals where you can taste the local products of the region. The dining rooms are places for sharing with family, friends or one-on-one. The time of a breakfast or a dinner, these rooms are essential for the hirings of lodgings and rooms of hosts ... The proof in pictures.

The dining rooms of cottages and bed and breakfast compete inventiveness to create an atmosphere of relaxation and conviviality. Small or large, we are happy to sit there to attack or finish a day. Côté Maison has selected 10 dining rooms and cottages that will make you want to put your feet under the table.

1. A lodge dining room overlooking the beach

With its large bay windows, the rental An Diskuiz offers a magnificent panorama of the Breton beach. It is therefore in the extension of this guest house has been installed the dining room where guests can enjoy a peaceful meal at the rhythm of the tide. We also like the choice of chairs that skillfully recall the transparency of windows.

Marie Deroff

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2. A dining room arranged for more conviviality

The dining room of Mas de Saribou mixes materials and colors with style. A very nice porcelain dish is invited on a large wooden table, ideal for a large family or a group of friends. Here is an ideal living space to enjoy the brightness in summer, and the fireplace in winter.

Annick Carle-Roux

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3. Warm colors for this cozy dining room

This dining room plays with finesse on different shades of warm colors. Touches of orange, red, yellow, green and pink marry elegantly and unpretentious in this room open to the living room. We particularly like the suspensions positioned above the table at different heights to break a little the regularity.

Olivier Perrot

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4. An outdoor dining room in this guest house

It is under an arbor that the owners of the estate of Hermarie have installed a dining room table. An ideal location to enjoy a meal in the cool of summer. We also appreciate the play of light offered by this courtyard.

Laurent Dubas

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5. A dining room under the eaves

Top for breakfast overlooking the sea, this dining room, located on the top floor of Villa Providence, has been converted into a loft. Bright and spacious, it has all the assets for a gentle awakening.

Laetitia Beauvisage

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6. A cozy and cozy dining room

Decorated in a flea market style, this dining room calls for comfort with its cushions of chairs and raw materials. The mottled furniture stands harmoniously against a background of old stones. The little detail that does it all: indoor plants that bring freshness and softness.

Pascale Pralus

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7. A dining room with mountain views

This dining room of a guest house in the mountains offers a beautiful view of the surrounding landscape. With its simple decoration but neat, the living room plunges us into a mountain atmosphere.

Denis G

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8. A dining room for a spring breakfast

Good mood and a good luck color are what characterize this dining room of Une Nuit au Château. A room specially designed to take meals in a cheerful and springtime setting. Note also the chandelier with pearls hanging above the table that adds to the charm of this dining room.

Patrick Leclerc

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9. Seaside Style for this Bed and Breakfast Dining Room

The dining room of the Spirit of the Port has been arranged, as its name indicates in a seaside style. Lime wall, white furniture and chandelier forming a school of fish are all the hallmark of this dining room a Norman rental.

Philippe Stroppa

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10. A dining room with a graphic style

Bright touches of color and a very graphic style characterize this dining room located in Saint-Barthélémy. We also love the drawings on the walls that give an artist residency side.

Thibault Masson

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