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Dream Houses

An apartment as a country house

The U-shaped apartment has a terrace around which radiate the living rooms.

Carole Bellaïche

Creators of children's albums, illustrators and parents of the famous characters Gaspard, Lisa and Penelope, Georg and Anne Hallensleben live and work in a world apart. Far from the hustle and bustle of the city, they evolve a bubble where daily life and creation meet in harmony. The charm of their Parisian apartment is like the freshness of their characters.

So here is where Gaspard and Lisa have seen the day. Under the line of Georg and the story of his wife Anne. A work in duet and four hands that began in 1999. At the time Anne is a model artist, Georg painter, their meeting carried by the enthusiasm of Pierre Marchand, creator and patron of the collections Gallimard Jeunesse and famous guides, brings them very quick to camp the backdrop of the adventures of Gaspard and Lisa.

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Gaspard and Lisa, Parisians pure stump

"I had already made children's books and I wanted more than ever to create bridges between painting and illustration.The desire to create two was obvious after years of working alone.The desire to gently educate the small I was interested in the stories I followed, and I had in mind the idea of ​​a scenario in the form of a series of paintings, "says Georg.

In the kitchen dining room, all of the furniture and closet doors were mined, cement floor tiles Emery & Co. The back room houses a room, closed by a glass structure.

Carole Bellaïche

Thus was born the story of two friends, between dog and soft toy, projected in the world of humans. Lisa lives in the pipes of Beaubourg and Gaspard anchored in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, authentic Parisians who cross a real Paris over neighborhoods faithfully represented, from planks of paint.

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The U-shaped apartment has a terrace around which radiate the living rooms. Garden furniture and table, Fermob. On the left, Anne presents the album Gaspard and the Eiffel Tower, illustrated by Georg.

Carole Bellaïche

The Japanese are fans of Gaspard, Lisa and Penelope, last rookie. One hundred and thirty albums later, they still love the planet. True mascots, they even at the foot of Mount Fuji, a city with their names in an amusement park. In Tokyo, in a fortnight, eighty thousand visitors celebrated the fifteenth anniversary of the saga.

An old drainer is recycled in storage for glasses

Carole Bellaïche

In the kitchen, blue fridge, Smeg, and antique furniture.

Carole Bellaïche

This apartment ? A charming coworking space!

In the large living room, on the Italian terracotta floor from Umbria, made to measure, Cotto Antiqua, armchair and sofa, Thank you, pebbles on the floor, Ronel Jordaan, and mirror bought in Deauville at Kaprika

Carole Bellaïche

Against the library, a hinged bed serves as a reading corner for children.

Carole Bellaïche

A frenzy that does not undermine the serenity of their Parisian enclave. Quiet, out of time, their apartment has the charm of a country house. Terracotta, cement tiles, oversized bookcase, deep white linen sofas, antique furnishings, exuberant terrace, set the tone for this singular coworking.

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Carole Bellaïche

"We work together and without limits of time.We do not live in our workplace would have been unthinkable and counterproductive.Our albums are delivered turnkey and exchanges are necessary and continuous.The proximity of the two spaces stimulates the creation Our stories are invented for the child who is always in us. "

Carole Bellaïche

From childhood, Anne and Georg have kept the freshness and sweetness. Sweetness that we find in their art of living. In the heart of space, the workshop is an essential rallying point. The profusion of drawings, notes of inspiration, sketches of Georg piled inexorably. Today, he wants to reconnect with painting and expose his oils on canvas and on wood.

In the parents' room, closet doors and chandelier found in Italy, sheets, linen particular.

Carole Bellaïche

On the right, in the children's bathroom, Jacob Delafon basin, and Stella faucet. Credence in tiles Villa Paris, and floor Emery & cie

Carole Bellaïche

The banal scenes, the fragments of ordinary architectures that enamel flat colors, suggest the path of the brush. Strong works that revisit the mystery of everyday life.

Georg Hallensleben. georghallensleben.com to be released in March. My kitty, Hachette Jeunesse. Gaspard and Lisa, Hachette Jeunesse. Penelope, Gallimard Youth.

The addresses of Georg and Anne Hallensleben

For the quality of work and service. Yankel Soussan of the general construction company Constructyng. 141, rue de Picpus, 75012 Paris Tel. 06 10 50 12 52.

For their varieties of artisanal tiles and their professional advice. Villa Paris. 31, rue François Miron, 75004 Paris Tel. 01 42 74 07 05 and villa-paris.com

For their garden antique pieces. A monkey in winter. 6, rue Paul Bert, 93400 Saint Ouen. Such. 06 75 55 44 57 and unsingeenhiver.com

For furniture and objects from the 1950s and 1960s. See you tomorrow. 97, rue de Turenne, 75003 Paris Tel. 06 12 46 56 05 and design-only.com

For its flowers and its terraces plants. Philippe Olivier. 42, rue de Turenne, 75003 Paris Tel. 01 42 78 20 87.