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Dream Houses

Before / after: 40 m2 upgraded

The atmosphere is marked by colors and objects from Africa.

Guirao Gregory

It was an unhealthy house, in ruins could we even say, in the center of Bordeaux. Alexandre Stiers, from the agency OYAT Architects (Alexandre Stiers & Fred Sauger), made a pleasant place of life very bright, from 40 to 60 m2. Visit.

There was little chance for someone other than him to notice and especially do not want to appropriate this gourbi. Alexandre Stiers, sees beyond the narrowness of the place, the rickety roof and buys this "apartment". From the existing, it has kept almost nothing, if not the main thing: the walls and beams. However, the constraints of this trapezoidal space (3 m wide garden side and 4 m street side) on 1 floor, pushed him to more creativity. And so he built a charming apartment on 4 levels, with veranda and souplex, grappling the passage 20 appreciable m2.

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The renovation project in brief

Or ? Bordeaux center.

Area? 40 m2 before the work, 60 m2 after.

The idea? Maximize the spaces so that they are pleasant to live for a couple.

Budget? Greenhouse.

Guirao Gregory

Redesign the space of a new apartment

This apartment has inherited almost nothing of the old building, except stone walls, neighboring houses, and beams. Here, Alexandre Stiers has transformed everything. But the work was not simple: "In a place so small and narrow, everything is more complicated." "Soon, everything is saturated and you have to draw a circulation and comfortable spaces," begins the architect.

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New traffic being created.

Guirao Gregory

Taking advantage of a ceiling height of 3.20 m, the architect created different levels in this house. A mezzanine to start and a souplex, just below. The architect managed to exploit the space by removing about 10 m3 of earth, descending this new level below the foundations. There, were created a bathroom and, always lower, a dressing.

New circulation finalized.

Guirao Gregory

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Make the small apartment bright

It was also necessary to bring more light instead. The architect had a glass roof built overlooking the garden. On the upper part a double glazing reinforced against the rays of the sun was used. On the side, sandblasted glazing replaced the initial blockwork. It thus lets the light (full south) and blocks the indiscretions of the neighborhood. This large canopy promotes natural lighting throughout the house. This is where he housed the small kitchen in L.

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Guirao Gregory

Completely open-plan, the space sometimes benefits from window openings on the street, sometimes those on the garden side.

Small office arranged in a corner of the room.

Guirao Gregory

On both sides of the railing, two blinds were placed. They grant the owners and the guest who stays upstairs the necessary privacy.

Guirao Gregory

But only the mezzanine benefits from this double exposure. However, at any time of the day, the house remains bright.

The mezzanine serves as a TV corner, office or guest room, as needed.

Guirao Gregory

With regard to artificial lighting, appliques on the wall participate in the evening, the impression of grandeur of the living room, without harming the charm of this space. At the bottom, spotlights are recessed in a false ceiling.

Library in the home-made living room.

Guirao Gregory

A healthy and responsible renovation

The renovation was thought as healthy as possible. Little placo, the pro has privileged natural materials! he chose to keep the apparent stone walls and adjoin them to lime.

The formwork / headboard hides a hatch giving access to a window through which, formerly, the house was supplied with coal. This one, having no more utility, was replaced by a window, to light the souplex.

Guirao Gregory

The wooden beams were sandblasted. If the entire floor has been changed, Alexandre Stiers has privileged solid pine parquet. From this same wood, the architect realized the doors of his storage and the steps of his stairs.

The sliding door is one of the few "closures" of this interior. Made of pine, it remains coordinated with the floor and furniture.

Guirao Gregory

In a general way, the wood warms the atmosphere of this mineral place. It brings in turn the rustic and natural look that the couple was looking for.

Finally, in terms of heating, the archi preferred a pellet stove: "This equipment is hyper-efficient, ecological and very economical," he adds.

Guirao Gregory

A deco recovered mastered

"The decor was either chinée or created from scratch, our interior is alive, it has a history, it is not perfect, it looks like us," says Alexandre Stiers. The sofa, the coffee table, the armchair and some chairs were found in the street, then patched up. The bookcase and the dining table were made with their own hands.

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Alexandre Stiers and his wife made custom cushions.

Guirao Gregory

The architect's wife lived 15 years in South Africa. This has strongly influenced the decor atmosphere.

Guirao Gregory

Same thing on the outside: "We lowered the wall slightly to soften the separation and let the vegetation grow.The terrace had to stay in its juice, to preserve an impression of the existing, while integrating this new facade into its environment "he concludes.

Guirao Gregory